Apple’s low $ 200 price of the iPads Pro of 1TB

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    Following the new product announcements of the last week, Apple has modified the price of the iPad models Pro 11” 12.9”, lowering its cost 200 dollars in the united States.

    The initial price of the iPad Pro 11” 1TB now is 1349 dollars (before it was 1549); and the price of the iPad Pro 12.9” 1TB is 1549 usd (before it was 1749).

    When the prices of flash storage low-Apple, in general, moved downward to its consumers, so that has also fallen in the past prices of the options for increased storage of the Macs.

    The price of the iPads Pro of 64 -, 256 -, and 512GB has not been modified.

    The last update of iPad Pro has been already almost a year ago, and there are several rumors that point to that could launch a new model of iPad Pro at the end of 2019.


    Apple’s low $ 200 price of the iPads Pro of 1TB
    September 17, 2019

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