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    Very good to you all, and welcome everyone to be more horny weekly section of EAL, where besides the present section a couple of rumors that could be true or not, we have two applications that have come developer too disturbed … Welcome to Chorra Apps and Rumors of the Week .

    For now we have two very interesting rumor: Google and Dish Network allies to turn the telecommunications world along with some rumors Samsung for 2013 , and not forgetting the usual chorras applications … started!

    The first Today’s rumor about a possible move is that Google could make long-term, and that movement is the head of enter the telecommunications market , from the hand of Dish Networks. Although all are rumors, comments that are in an early stage of negotiations, and that within three to five years with the expansion could start at U.S. (and then move to other countries). We look …

    Source | Wall Street Journal

    We spent the second rumor, which deals with Samsung, the AMOLED screens that are currently producing although they have had some technical difficulties, Full screen manufacturing HD is underway , and we could see a screen of 4.99 “AMOLED Full HD (few marks) in the rumored Samsung Galaxy SIV. The mass production will begin early next year, and rumors indicate that we would see the first devices with these displays at CES 2013.

    Source | Samsung Hub

    And we chorras applications, starting with Gandía Shore Scraps

    This application compiles the best quotes of the protagonists of the last program MTV fashion, Gandia Shore.

    Relive the funniest moments of the first episode.

    Ladies and gentlemen, here we have another application on Gandía Shore . Now not all the news is there about this program, but the famous phrases ARISING this wonderful program …

    Note: It is again noted the irony. EAL is not responsible for the brain damage that may cause this application.

    And we continue with XXXX HD Sexy Girls

    Keep your eyes open! Enjoy these sexy girls free photos and dream about new sexual positions.
    Cute uniforms pure HD Live Wallpaper, sexy porn stars in their natural dress unique dresses,

    Four X are not enough to describe this application, no sir. This application was not in the App Store or joke, too good for the apple bite … And finally to review this application I leave you with this comment that says it all: “I can not comment I have your hands full”

    And we finish with this, until next week!

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    Apps Chorra and Rumors of the Week # adiosMiliki
    November 19, 2012

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