‘Apps’ that tell the steps in iPhone, does it really work?

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    • Applications such as Health Apple lose up to 21.5% of the steps.
    • The inaccuracies are due to readings insufficient and by default it accounted for less.

    App Health

    A study of Univeristy of British Columbia published in the journal Journal of Sports Sciences has put to the test the applications that count steps and that come installed by default on Apple devices. The objective: to know if they actually work and if the data showed they are reliable.

    The researchers measured the same distances on foot through two different devices (the mobile and a pedometer waist) and then compared the results.

    The findings were significant. The iPhone lost 9.4% of the steps if the pace was slow, and up to 21.5%, an average of 1340 per day, if there were while it became normal life. The University justifies this failure in that people do not carry the phone everywhere, such as when you are home and you’re going to the kitchen or to the bathroom at work. the

    The good news is that the study concludes that the inaccuracies are due to readings insufficient and not reading excessive. That is to say, that if the app tells you that you have achieved the daily goal of 10,000 steps, it is more likely that you’ve accumulated many more.


    ‘Apps’ that tell the steps in iPhone, does it really work?
    Source: www.20minutos.es  
    December 23, 2017

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