AR modes to play Pokemon Go: the crazy story of augmented reality


Augmented reality has existed from time immemorial, more or less half a century , just started not to use this term until age 90. However, it is now when it starts charging interest thanks to its increasingly numerous applications. The latest has as standard bearer to Pokemon Go , the new augmented reality game.

Although it has a great potential for dozens of different applications in life (and I think I’ll stick short) today was mostly devoted to entertainment . Then we will make a small and crazy review of augmented reality in our beloved Android phones


Dinosaurs, fish and more courtesy of Sony


with the advent of the family Xperia Z Sony came a mode of entertainment for your camera effect AR . In this mode you could choose a scenario, you kept more or less still camera and that scenario with which, incidentally, could interact partially moving objects or causing an action touching on something generated.

true, it is something you will not use much, but you may be true for some moments of entertainment. What possessor of a mobile family Xperia Z has not set a diving suit to a known to prevent choking in the virtual water? Or who has not emulated the return of dinosaurs to the earth and making it roar the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex?

You can always scare your friends making it a selfie that you’re among expired and rotten zombie level and leaving a message that says “Do you remember that girl Friday night? for just left me condemned this weekend, have known’d let you bear it yourself”.

the applications of this AR Effect of the Sony Xperia has tantaa variety that I get to mourn the emotion I put spacesuits to my friends, I made a Rex stalk my dog, by the way (above), it seems to have seen and done many things have more. How beautiful is augmented reality and how bad pollen allergy.

Project Tango, a giant step to adapt augmented reality to everyday life


But not everything was going to be dinosaurs, zombificaciones or diving suits, in some time had to take the step to make this feature useful to our daily lives. Lenovo Project Tango was the first phablet born of this project , and during his presentation became more of a demonstration.

From playing dominoes without having to use tokens to test how are certain pieces of furniture in your home , things like that were tested in this presentation. Although not everything went well, obviously, because of his youth, it is likely to improve, and it will, that we are safe.

Imagine measure the space you want to devote to, for example, a table or sofa, and be able to do with your smartphone (a measure I mean) without a tape measure. Would help you optimize the space of your home no longer have to break your back moving furniture that is not fit because there is not enough space.

Tango is a turning point that opens dozens of doors to different applications such as information simply pointing to a local and on your screen the stock of certain products, the schedule or the daily menu appears depending on the type of place that is . It requires effort on the part of the trade, but worth it

Pokemon Go. Move physically to capture monsters

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go just landed on Android, it is a game in which have to go outside to catch some Pokemon . No need to make any gesture to throw the pokeball, except touching the screen. Most disturbing to others is to believe you’re doing them a photo treacherously while you’re excited capturing pokemon.

The game is generating enough hype to be a newcomer to the tent of our operating system, although it may in some cases be having errors. However, those who played in their day to the pokemon in their Game Boy, have the opportunity to move through the streets to add some of these adorable critters to your collection.

yes, it can happen that can capture any pokemon in situations especially intimate , as it says un menéame comment about the game, who had captured two pokemon while descomiendo (or desdesayunando if it was in the morning) at work. Is it true or a joke? Anyway, the situation is very romantic, although these pokemon are slightly degenerate.

Although it is more than likely that I have skipped several chapters on augmented reality, I think these are the most important and, who knows, maybe soon we can use the augmented reality in many more places in our phones. Perhaps cars (there are already some, but imagine seeing at all, regardless of range)

In Engadget Android. | Pokemon Go is here, we tell you how to install it on your Android

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AR modes to play Pokemon Go: the crazy story of augmented reality
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