Archangel: dungeon runs in a game inspired by Diablo and powered by Unity

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    The RPG genre was revolutionized during his time with the arrival of Diablo hand Blizzard video games, made some 17 years. their impact has been so great that today is still felt in the genre and the series is still among the most plays by new deliveries

    Unity Games has been launched by the Japanese video game developer Black Tower Studios, the first game published by the Unity game engine itself under the platform. With the name of Archangel is a game that shows all the graphic potential of Unity and he drinks from Diablo, perhaps too .

    The story which puts us the game is that evil forces are moving to challenge the heavenly authority, and as archangel can not permitirl o: besides avoiding their uprising against this divine authority, we will have to a brutal so no one would ever do the same and try to defy the will of heaven justice.

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    Archangel includes 30 levels of dungeons in which we will have to dispense justice based on martial arts and spells, managing to be heavenly for it. So we can crush freeze hit, cut … or even raise the dead to fight on our side. We may collect over 100 Objects that will leave our enemies to die, and also includes interesting details like a minigame at the end of each stage where we can play us all that we have collected over level to gain more treasures or failing to lose everything.

    As you can see in the video and images, the graphics engine looks wonderfully Unity , even better than we are accustomed to other games platform. In addition, to promote that it is a multiplatform engine our progress will accompany the nub e, may get back our items from any Android and iOS device.

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    The game is available from Android 2.3.3 and up by € 3.49, having a list of recommended devices and failing to ensure proper operation outside these models.

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    Archangel: dungeon runs in a game inspired by Diablo and powered by Unity
    January 11, 2014

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