Archos Diamond Plus, analysis: good finishes to further complicate the midrange

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    Lately midrange Android is very competitive. While it is increasingly difficult to make a recommendation to those who want to spend less than 250 euros in a mobile but also want to make many concessions. Archos, your Diamond Plus , further complicates things a premium finishes and an affordable price.

    Archos Diamond Plus stands for its large screen size of 5.5 inches but have content and metallic finishes that will delight those who hate plastic. If we add good specs and an affordable price we have a very viable option, at least on paper


    A very decent hardware

    The Diamond Plus highlights specifications. Draws attention to its eight-core processor and 64-bit 1.3 GHz Mediatek MT6753 and its 5.5-inch IPS panel FullHD. Something lame get 16 GB of internal storage (solved, in part, by the SD card slot and Archos Storage Fusion, as we will discuss later) and are in good position 2 GB of RAM, although many midrange and betting to reach 3

    . Archos Diamond Plus, main specifications
    Physical dimensions 152.6 x 76.4 x 8.4 mm

    160 grams
    Display 5.5 inch IPS
    Resolution 1080 x 1920 FHD ( 401 dpi)
    Processor Mediatek MT6753 OctoCore 64bit True @ 1.3 Ghz Cortex A53
    Graphics Processor Mali-T720MP3
    RAM 2 GB
    Memory 16GB (plus microSD slot)
    OS Android 5.1 Lollipop / td>
    Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready
    microSIM (Dual) LTE Cat4
    No NFC
    Rear Camera 16 MP AF (opening 1,12μm F2.0) Flash LED +
    Camera Front 8MP
    Battery 2850 mAh non-removable
    Other USB OTG
    Q Key
    Storage Fusion Archos
    LED notification
    Reference price 219.99 euros

    As we see is an interesting option, but overcomes the psychological barrier of 200 euros by little, offers many features at a very reasonable price.

    The lack some things that we begin to see in middle range is cast as fingerprint sensor, more RAM and NFC . Clearly if these decisions had been taken would probably resent the price, but can be three “buts” that they put back more than one.

    And even here Archos has chosen one of the most powerful processors Mediatek, there will be those who prefer to go to a mobile that has Qualcomm chipset. Among other updates arrive faster these phones, we are still seeing a Mediatek with Marshmallow .

    High end finishes

    If something offers Archos with its Diamond Plus is a excellent metallic finishes . The back is metal and sufficiently close to the HTC One, although it is true that both the top and the bottom has some plastic parts, presumably to facilitate assembly.

    The camera sticks out a bit, perhaps by the commitment they have made of thin (8.4 mm). Although we must remember that the back is curved and that thickness is achieved in the center, at the ends down to 5 millimeters. The curved effect, incidentally, is very nice.


    We are facing a big phone with a screen 5, 5 inches. But the dimensions are not excessive. In hand it falls quite well and that is not too light (160 grams according to the data sheet, to us has weighed us 177 grams) prevents the feeling that we can get out of hand. If you want a reference, the OnePlus One has a very similar size and weight .

    On the front we see screen width, with two small upper and lower frames. Make no mistake, when the screen is turned on there is a significant black frame around the screen. It is very annoying but makes clear that the edges are non-existent (in fact is a technology that promote, Full Black Lamination, but I do not like). Buttons are software (finally manufacturers follow the recommendations of Android), the bottom is not used.

    On the back, besides the camera and protruding metal stands, we can see a quite large on the back, on a plastic piece speaker. However, the sound output from the subwoofer is not much.

    edges are metal , except at the top and bottom. On the right side we have the power and volume buttons, something annoying thing in my opinion. And on the left side of the Q Key discussed below.


    The microUSB port for charging (and for connect USB drives as it is OTG) it is at the bottom something listed to the right. The headphone port is at the top also listed to the right.


     image01 href=”″> image01  image01 href=”″>  image01

    Archos Diamond Plus, more performance that decent

    On paper the Archos Diamond Plus should perform very well. Eight cores MT6753 to 64 bits on paper to throw more than the average high-end. And the benchmarks confirm this

    Benchmarks Archos Diamond Plus
    (Mediatek MT6753)
    Wiko Fever
    (Mediatek MT6753)
    Elephone P8000
    (Mediatek MT6753)
    Alcatel Idol 3
    (Snapdragon 615)
    Aquaris E5 4G
    (Snapdragon 410)
    AnTuTu 5.7.1 64bit 37,200 (AnTuTu v 6.0.1) 33.451 29,123 20,534 (32bit)
    Vellamo Chrome Browser : 2,556
    Multicore : 1528
    Metal 923
    Chrome Browser : 2,644
    Multicore : 1,522
    Metal 1060
    Chrome Browser : 2,152
    Multicore : 1,553
    Metal : 1,103
    Chrome Browser : 2,184
    Multicore : 1,274
    Metal 880
    Chrome Browser : 1,844
    Multicore : 1064
    Metal 794
    3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited : 6,854
    Extreme : 4,426
    Basic 7,699
    Unlimited : 6,886
    Extreme : 4,302
    Basic 7,682
    Unlimited : 6.168
    Extreme : 4.204
    Basic 7,640
    Unlimited : 7,223
    Extreme : 5,278
    Basic 8,846
    Unlimited : 4,341
    Extreme : ND
    Basic : ND
    PCMark – Work Performance 3732 3.994 3683 3370 2786
    Epic Citadel High Performance 56.1 fps
    Ultra High Quality 24.5 fps
    High Performance 55.3 fps
    Ultra High Quality 27.7 fps
    High Performance 55 fps
    Ultra High Quality 24 4 fps
    High Performance 49.8 fps
    Ultra High Quality 29.1 fps
    High Performance 56.6 fps
    Ultra High Quality 32.1 fps
    Geekbench Single Core :
    615 Multicore : 2837
    Single Core :
    614 Multicore : 2,863
    Single Core : ND
    Multicore :
    Single Core : ND
    Multicore : ND
    Single Core : ND
    Multicore : ND

    The performance of this terminal, according to benchmarks , excels that of its archrival Qualcomm Snapdragon 610, in fact reaching similar to the 801 levels, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

    But at some point in time we have met with some pull, a small lag. Is it just an impression or perhaps 2 GB of memory fall short for how they spend Android applications today? It is difficult to know.

    To squeeze butt’ve played with him and we can ensure a great gaming terminal. The screen is large and the performance is sufficient for demanding games like Real Racing 3 or 2016 FIFA Ultimate Team (which also pulls enough data). Hnotado in the FIFA some minor lag, but you never know if the data connection or the performance of the terminal.

    It may be a mistake, however much that has slot of microSD card that the terminal has only 16 GB of memory . Whenever Android and its applications take longer. Try to remedy this with a technology called Fusion Storage Archos, of which more later, but not enough.

    The display accompanies enough for terminal printing is good. Although it is an IPS LCD panel has a fairly deep blacks. The panel provides good viewing angles, low reflectivity and vivid colors.

    The battery performance has been remarkable. For normal use day and a half is achieved smoothly and if not used much can reach two days. For an intensive one day is assured . The benchmark that we have passed is consistent with our impressions.

    Screenshot 22 January 2016 December 22, 38

    Diamond Plus a camera avg


    The first thing that stands out from the camera is what excels sensor and occupies a considerable area. This should be a sign of a good sensor and we put the long teeth

    When you open the camera application we see many things we like. Normal mode, PIP mode, photo in vivo (a curious mix between photo and video), moving picture (takes several shots when fast movements), panoramic photo, from different angles (allows you to take photos with little animations), videos … and within the normal picture options are interesting options as voice activate photo, photo smile, vibration … It seems that attention to detail is, we will not fall short when using the camera as you want. Yes, no manual mode (The test Manual Camera says so) or photos in RAW.

    But let’s see the quality of the sensor, as it is the most important. At the end have so many options it’s not so important when there are many applications of interesting camera in Google Play and it is essential that the sensor us a good raw material with which to play.

    Outdoors the camera performs well , like most. If there is light there is usually no problems and the pictures are bright, with good colors.

    Img 20160123

     Img 20160128

    The HDR mode, however, is a regular thing. The colors are altered and not think it’s a way to be used as usual. Besides the photos take longer to process.

     20160123 164800 Img Hdr HDR Left without, right with HDR

    Turning to the pictures inside is where we see the camera starts to falter . It is not capable of giving good results in low light environments, noise comes to the fore. This is one of the points that still distinguishes a terminal midrange of a high-end, I’m afraid.

     20160128 101523 Img


     image01 href=”″>  image01  image01 href=”″>  image01

    Software with interesting details

    The Archos Diamond Plus comes with Lollipop practically pure Android 5.1 , with a very similar to what Google with its Nexus shows experience. In fact the standard launcher is to Google.

    The terminal comes with very few applications as standard and can be uninstalled, such as Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour or Spider-Man: Ultimate Power. Certainly there are a couple of applications bloatware outside of Google, but they are not annoying: a file browser and FM radio. As always, if you do not want to see them can be disabled.

    It is quite true that this is pure Android has some things that are Archos added (and Mediatek) . For example, we have audio profiles and gestures on the screen when in standby mode to launch predefined applications. And there are three things that may be of interest to more than one: Q Key, the Hotknot and Storage Fusion Archos

    Special Functions

    Q Key is basically another distinct physical power button and volume keys. The button is quite configurable. You can set it to do certain things when we give a touch, a double tap or a long press. For example you can set it to activate the flashlight, open an application, mute the phone or take a screenshot. Also, when we are in the camera lets you take a picture, which is very comfortable. This button seems a great success. It is set directly on the Android settings.

    The second feature that brings this Archos is the Hotknot. This is a technology Mediatek allow transfer of information between NFC phones without . In fact some people call it the Chinese NFC. The technology works by approaching two phones having Hotknot for their displays and establish a very low speed communication through capacitive screens. This allows, for example, transfer pictures.

    Finally the terminal comes with an option that is the Archos Storage Fusion . The phone has dual SIM, but if you only use a the other supports a microSD card slot. This card can be used like any other Android, as a separate partition and some applications can not use it to pull the internal storage, so far nothing unusual. But if we activate the Archis Storage Fusion does is virtually unite the internal storage and SD card for greater memory without having to be aware of who is in one place and another. A very good idea that we have tested and works well. The only downside is that everything is slow external memories pull user experience.

    Archos Fusion

    The terminal is ready to receive OTA updates and hopefully very soon make the leap to Android June Marshmallow, but still no news about it.

    Archos Diamond Plus, the opinion of Engadget Android

    Archos terminal Diamond Plus is a great option for those who want a small phablet (5.5 inches) without spending much money. The finishes are very decent, the remarkable performance and just throw some details such as NFC and fingerprint missing. The price, of course, is attractive .

    Archos is making things difficult in the middle range. More and more mobile there that can serve most users at very affordable prices. Since then if the camera does not matter much this is a highly recommended terminal.


    design 8
    Display 7.5
    Performance 8
    Autonomy 8
    Software 8.5
    Camera 7.5


    • Value / price
    • <. li> Design.

    • Q-Key.
    • Android pure


    • No NFC
    • No fingerprint
    • Marco screen


    News Archos Diamond Plus, analysis: good finishes to further complicate the midrange was originally published in Engadget Android by Alejandro Gonzalez Nieto .

    Engadget Android

    Archos Diamond Plus, analysis: good finishes to further complicate the midrange
    January 29, 2016

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