ARK: Survival Evolved gets a Christmas event

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    For now, only in Steam.
    Wildcard has announced that the event Christmas ARK: Survival Evolved is now available version for Steam game.
    With this update see the world completely snowy and full of new objects , challenges, play suits, etc. To celebrate the company has distributed a new video where we show all the news of the event
    ARK. Survival Evolved is a way of survival and dinosaurs found in this time under the Steam program Early Access , one of the most downloaded and played on the platform, with more than two million copies sold games. It is also available on Xbox One through the program Xbox Game One Preview .
    Finally, remember that the game currently enjoys a 40% off Steam , an offer that will last until the January 4

     ARK: Survival Evolved gets a Christmas event


    ARK: Survival Evolved gets a Christmas event
    December 23, 2015

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