Armie Hammer is on board the sequel of ‘Call Me by Your Name’: “We are all as crazy with the project”

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    it has been more than a month since it premiered in cinemas in spain ‘Call Me by Your Name’, but we are many that have not yet been able to erase from our minds —or our hearts, still affected— the wonderful story of the love between Elio and Oliver; winner of the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, and narrated Luca Guadagnino with a simplicity and a delicacy amazing.

    At the end of January we talked to you about the intention of the doer Italian to continue exploring the adventures of the pair of lovers in a series of sequels that adapt and broaden the epilogue of the original novel from Andre Aciman, capturing the spirit of the trilogy of Richard Linklater started with ‘Before the dawn’, leaving the actors to age in real life between film and film.

    Today we have known that Guadagnino has already made a pitch for the second part of ‘Call Me by Your Name’, which will reach the nineties during the global AIDS crisis, the main actors of the original. Armie Hammer has talked about it in an interview for IndieWire in which, in addition to make it clear that you are on board the project, it has been shown totally excited about the idea, ensuring that it would return regardless of the weight of his role.

    “Uncle, he broke down the whole script for us. I mean, it is not a finished script, but it has all the ideas for him. Luca is as crazy and, by the way, if Luca is going to do it, I think that we are all crazy with it. The experience of doing the first one was so pure and so beautiful that there would be no problem about the size of my paper. If you are involved the same people, I would do it again and again.”

    Call Me by Your Name

    For the moment, James Ivory, the academy award-winning screenwriter of the first part, has been claimed to have no idea about the plans for the sequel of ‘Call Me by Your Name’, but, given the critical success and commercial feature film —and the passion of those involved—,

    it is only a matter of time that we go back to see him again Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet giving free rein to their romance on the big screen. And we happy.

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    Armie Hammer is on board the sequel of ‘Call Me by Your Name’: “We are all as crazy with the project”
    March 10, 2018

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