AutomaTag, an application to add cover art and tags to the songs stored on Android

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    AutomaTag, an application to add cover art and tags to the songs stored in the Android

    Although the streaming music has gained a lot of strength in the last few years, there are few people that still prefer to listen to your MP3 files stored in the memory of the mobile. The problem is that, depending on the source of these, may be missing information such as album, artists, collaborators, and the year of publication or cover.

    That information can be added manually with some applications, but which we will know today does this automatically. It is AutomaTag and, in a few words, is able to find all the tags that are missing to the songs and apply them.

    Complete the information of your songs in a couple of seconds


    The operation of AutomaTag is very simple. You just have to give it permission to access the internal storage and the SD card and let you browse for the files. These will appear in alphabetical order in a list. When you select one of the songs, AutomaTag collate the file with a database of more than 900,000 subjects and show you the results.

    The first of these is recommended, that is, el AutomaTag understood that corresponds to the song in question. Below will also be shown other possible outcomes. To choose one is updated automatically by the following tags:

    • the Name of the song.
    • Artist.
    • Album Artist.
    • Album.
    • Gender.
    • Year.
    • track Number, total tracks and number of discs in the album.
    • Also add the album art.

    If you do not find the correct album art, or do you prefer to add a personalized photo, you can always add an image from the gallery or look it up on the Internet from the app itself.

    AutomaTag is completely free and have no ads of any kind. The only limitation is that you have to go from song to song. To enable the mode in batch, you will have to pay 1,79€. You can also unlock the fingerprint audible (to drag songs in audio function, as if Shazam it were) by 2,79€. Be that as it may, the free version is very functional for use on a timely basis.

    Automatic Tag Editor

    Automatic Tag Editor1.8.2.1

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    The news AutomaTag, an application to add cover art and tags to the stored songs on Android was originally published in Xataka Android by Jose García Nieto .

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    AutomaTag, an application to add cover art and tags to the songs stored on Android
    November 20, 2018

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