Avoid jet lag with LED flash your phone and Sleep as Android app

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    jet lag

    you have ever experienced the jet-lag , you know it is a most unpleasant feeling also can be extended for several days if you have traveled far. At the pharmacy you can find remedies for headache or fatigue it causes, but to prevent its appearance is another matter, so far.

    Based on a study by the Standford University , the developer team popular Sleep as Android app , has implemented a new feature that helps prevent jet lag compensating our circadian rhythms, how? By flashes of light during sleep

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    What is the jet-lag

    The jet-lag is a syndrome caused by the jet lag , usually when we travel (especially to distant destinations), but can also affect workers on night shifts or very changing times, such as doctors on call or carriers.

    When the circadian rhythm of our body is interrupted, It produces a confusion between our internal clock and the actual time

    When the circadian rhythm of our body is disrupted, a confusion between our internal clock and the actual time occurs. As add or subtract hours, we can find a terrible dream all day or we can not sleep when night comes. Symptoms that may occur include headache, constant fatigue, inattention and even gastrointestinal problems.

    Light as a remedy

    Flash smartphone Until now, treatment with continuous light was the method most used and also the believed more effective. To avoid jet lag before traveling patients are exposed to a bright light for several hours while awake for the body gets used gradually to change cycle. Thus the effects are minimized, but the latest study from Stanford University reveals that it is not the best option.

    instead of applying a continuous light source, tested the same method with light flashes and found that the results improved markedly

    the experts behind the study found that light treatment is most effective during sleep, as the circadian rhythm is more sensitive at night. Having closed eyes is not a problem, as the light passes through the eyelids and get the same effect. Also, instead of applying a continuous light source, they tested the same method with flashes of light and found that the results improved significantly.

    Patients who were exposed to flashing light (flashes of 2 milliseconds at intervals of 10 seconds) came to adjust their sleep cycle up to two hours, while patients receiving continuous light only offset applied 36 minutes. Scientists call “biological hacking” because they can fool the brain’s biological clock into thinking that is still awake when we sleep.

    Fights Jet- lag with your mobile and Sleep as Android

    Sleep as Android

    Sleep as Android is an old acquaintance of the Google Play store. Years ago we told you about this curious app that is responsible for studying our sleep cycles using our mobile sensors, in order to wake up in a light sleep cycle in which we are not so exhausted.

    Sleep as Android has many functions such as preventing snoring, night recording for more talkative and even lullabies to help sleep. The function that interests us is called Jet lag prevention in the Settings menu and certainly is still in beta.

    To be effective, need to start using Sleep as Android a few days before the trip. the number of days depends on the number of hours difference, if for example we will travel to Hong Kong, which is 6 hours apart we will have to start preparing six days earlier.

    After choosing the destination time zone and calculate the days needed for adjustment, simply place your phone on the nightstand face down, so that the flash LED display. Sleep as Android recommends placing the device near your face to make it more effective, but to get the best effect, you can use bulbs Philips Hue or sleep mask they offer on their website.

    If you’re traveling and want to try the new feature Sleep as Android, we leave all the information and links to download the application.

    Sleep as Android

    Sleep as Android Varies with device

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    Avoid jet lag with LED flash your phone and Sleep as Android app
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