Balance the bottle puts to the test our ability by making tradeoffs with your finger

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    One of the greatest contributions of the smartphones to video games has been all the work that has been done in the construction of touch sensitive controls. Yes, already there were precedents, but the evolution they have brought is important. We have seen cases of how to use the fingers and touches on a multitude of game and still it seems that there is room to innovate, bring new ideas or simply give a turn to things that already worked well.

    Balance the bottle would be in that third group. Innova on things that had already been made, but it does so with a control demanding, very precise but that in spite of its difficulty we are hooked and we piquemos for a good while to get the best score possible. If you like challenge each other to yourselves, or when you are with friends, this game is worth your time.

    As its name suggests, Balance the bottle is a game that we will have to make tradeoffs with a bottle using your finger. For this your creator has designed the part touch of the game thinking in that we put on the surface of the finger on the screen. If you look at the photos just below these lines, you will see what I mean.


    The rolling of the objects it is very sensitive, the game rewards patience and softness to the hour to make corrections in the projection of what we are trying to balance. At first it is complicated but after a dozen attempts we caught the trick until you get to the point of not being able to stop playing.

    Each time the game we will be encouraging with a number of stars. When you get to 100 we will be able to redeem a surprise box that will allow us to unlock a new object with which to make tradeoffs. The differences between the one and the other are méramente aesthetic, the physics behave identically in all cases but, of course, it’s more fun to keep in balance a dog to a boring bottle of water.

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    The game is free, and each time we will get a 30-second ad, is not very invasive with advertising, and in addition to every time this happens he will reward us with a few coins to keep unlocking more items. Whether it be for take games to be sporadic or to challenge our friends, is a game that is as simple as advisable.

    Balance the bottle

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    Balance the bottle puts to the test our ability by making tradeoffs with your finger
    November 25, 2017

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