‘Barry’ manages to seamlessly combine the gag conventional with a good dose of black humor

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    There is something in the black humor, in that to make a joke out of the misfortune of others, of death, of crimes and murders, to be done well, it is more fun. In this line is the idea about ‘Barry’, the latest comedy from HBO cocreada by and starring the comedian Bill Hader.

    The series, which already has two episodes aired (out of a total of eight) follows Barry, a former marine who works as a professional assassin. Your “link”, Fuches (Stephen Root) sends him out to Los Angeles to a new beat mafia chechen: to kill a donnadie that is lying down with the woman of the head.

    Barry discovers that his prey is an actor amateur and you’ll find yourself fascinated by the world. So you are in doubt how the time has come to reholster the weapon and pursue a career of an actor? Something that, of course, does not sit well with the chechens, seeing as how the assassin that has been hired is cofraternizando with the victim.

    What it crashes ‘Barry’ is that it is on HBO. Not for the quality, but because it is an approach to comedy is quite different from that to which we are accustomed channel. It is, in its form, practically a sitcom, in which the protagonist is outside of your comfort zone.

    The humor of ‘Barry’ mix black humour with what we would call that gag more conventional but it works wonderfully. Is the references, the physical humor that finds laughter, prevents to fall into the easy joke or the “laughter for laughter”. In fact there is a particular scene in the second episode, in which Barry gets a call in which I made it clear that this series could very well be on NBC.


    which is not bad, especially because it is a matter of not taking their viewers for fools. This means in part knowing that Bill Hader had his beginnings as a comedian in the ‘Saturday Night Live‘, one of the main quarries of the television in the that, precisely, is going toward that physical humor and situation.

    generally all-in ‘Barry’ is hilarious: the relationship with NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), the right hand of the commander of the chechens, and the theater course (in which they only make scenes of films), are the main ingredients of a series quite fun. Hader, in addition, is fantastic in his role. When you have a complexion similar to that of Michael C. Hall could take the hit perfectly to make a kind of ‘Dexter‘ comic.

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    To me since I liked him in his time of ‘SNL’ and ‘Barry’ does not disappoint. It is seen that knows very well how to work the times of comedy and knows how to run them to the perception of both in the script (that coescribe along with Alec Berg) as acting.

    These first two episodes of ‘Barry’ I have been sufficient to determine that a lot has to twist, so that the comedy does not remain between the most interesting thing that has given us this first half of the year. is off to An excellent start and fun.

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    ‘Barry’ manages to seamlessly combine the gag conventional with a good dose of black humor
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    April 6, 2018

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