‘Batterygate’, a look at the problem that has stopped sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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    When . something can go wrong will go wrong … it’s Murphy’s Law probably this is in the head of one of the leaders of Samsung right now, is that although they seemed to have forgotten the problemas star of your devices after sudden deaths of the Galaxy S3 or design flaw with the s-Pen Galaxy Note 5 , it seems that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not been spared problems at launch.

    the noise with the first claims began a couple of days ago, but have been cautious until the news was made official a few minutes ago. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will stop their sales globally by a problem with battery

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    it happens even in limited runs and the truth is that rarely transcends, it is simple that some units of a newly manufactured out defective device. However, it seems that this time is serious, it is a global withdrawal unprecedented of a stop device range a market leading manufacturer -just remember one withdrawal LG Watch Urbane like 2 LTE in the US market -.

    Almost no manufacturer gets rid of problems of youth, limited and easy to fix. What is more difficult is to see the global recall of a pointing device from a major manufacturer, it is that this Galaxy Note 7 seems that Samsung has distributed a number of defective units

    currently little is known for sure about the problem that has made Samsung delay the global launch of its most important for this exercise 2016 smartphone, although it is known that is a fault with some bad battery units , a detected problem and limited however is complicated solution given the unibody construction of the Galaxy Note 7.

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    Samsung recognizes the problem and answer

    some very close means Samsung as Yonhap News contact have been responsible for Samsung, which recognize the problem stating they have been detected some units of a defective component, and have begun to move to know the status of all users of the Galaxy Note 7.

    the affected receive a new unit no cost, and now Samsung says it is a point and minimal problem, having detected only 24 defective units around the million distributed units.

    in fact, it has was Koh Dong-jin, the head of Samsung Mobile, who was quick to release an official statement:

    from September 1, a total of 35 claims have been registered services Samsung. Of these only 24 units, a produced million, are affected by the problem of defective battery.

    As a top priority we are confident customers, therefore, have stopped sales of the Galaxy Note 7 , providing change to customers who already made one.

    certainly good news that Samsung has detected the problem and may have narrow, also is responding to its customers by offering a replacement, which makes sense; but what is certain and itself will be a major problem for the Korean giant will be removal of the device from the shops and a noticeable delay in arrival to global markets -of moment had just started sales in 10 . countries –

    Samsung manufactures its own components and this sometimes it is a problem

    manufacturing capacity Samsung has always been his greatest virtue , and indeed the maker of smartphones world’s most important is the one who can afford luxury assemble virtually their devices with all components of own manufacture.

    the Samsung itself through its various divisions is responsible for manufacturing the AMOLED panels, memories, batteries, chipsets and many other components key smartphone designed by Samsung Mobile, which on one hand gives them a great control over design and internal construction of the terminal and a clear view on stock and production .

    Many advantages that sometimes result in problems arising from a specific component as in this case the battery. Generally, a supplier tests its components assembler then double for safety. If he had a fault, it is the responsibility of the supplier, and here it seems that is where Samsung seems to have erred in security processes.

    Anyway, let’s not make a pimple a mountain, for the moment are only 24 million units of Galaxy Note 7 manufactured, and it is a problem detected and the Korean giant already has to solve.

    So … what will affect us? Well, probably nothing further from a delay in the arrival of the device to Spain , scheduled for next week and now is undated. We look forward to Samsung movements.

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    News ‘Batterygate’, a look at the problem that has stopped sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was originally published in Engadget Android by Damian Garcia .

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    ‘Batterygate’, a look at the problem that has stopped sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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    September 3, 2016

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