Belkin expands its line of nylon cable rugged USB-C and Lightning

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    Belkin has launched a new line of cables, Lightning and USB-C. The new cables Boost Up Charge include the version of USB-C-to-Lightning, USB-TO-Lightning and more. The line highlights the length and the style as feature, and is made with cable nylon braided DuraTek, and also features a cable organizer made of leather.

    The cables are available in three different lengths, 120, 180, and 300 cm cables Lightning are available in black and white, and the cable USB-C USB-C is available in pink, black and white. Have a price that ranges between 25 and 35 dollars.

    All the cables are certified MFi, are reinforced with aramid, a material traditionally used to reinforce protective clothing and products such as tennis rackets and surf boards, which also offers great flexibility. The outside has a coating of braided nylon that resists damage. The point at which the cable joins the connector is flexible and longer than in other cables, adding flexibility that absorbs the movements, avoiding the separation.

    All the new cables are available in the Apple Store and also directly through Belkin.


    Belkin expands its line of nylon cable rugged USB-C and Lightning
    July 16, 2019

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