Best Android Apps for Calculating Keys Free WiFi & Navigate

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    Would you like to always have free WiFi on your Android? Although it seems an ideal, that is possible. I bring the best applications key to decrypt WiFi so you can browse free on your device.

    Android WiFi-2

    Beyond that most We count with a data plan to navigate through 3G or EDGE connections in our smartphones, they are usually limited to a certain amount of GB and can often be somewhat slow so WiFi is one of the most cherished by all mobile users.

    Do you want to be always connected to WiFi from your phone wherever you are? AndroidZone Today I bring a selection of the best applications for calculating WiFi key and others for find and be able to connect to WiFi networks so you can surf free from your Android.

    Key Applications for calculating free WiFi and browse Android

    Router Keygen

    Router Keygen is an application for Android that allows WiFi calculate and decipher key and so free browsing anywhere from our Android. Today I bring you the APK AndroidZone the latest version available, a tutorial on how to use the application and other secrets that make the most!

     Router WiFi 3.2 Keygen  Router Keygen-5

    Router Keygen is possibly the best application for WiFi key decrypting . It is an excellent tool that allows us to calculate passwords Thomson, either WEP or WPA, to gain access to these WiFi connections (if the password that brought the modem has not been modified).

    This application key generates WPA / WEP default routers for the following:

    Routers based Thomson (Thomson, SpeedTouch, Orange, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet, Cyta, TN_private)

  • DLink (only some models)
  • Pirelli Discus
  • Eircom
  • Verizon FiOS (some models)
  • Alice

  • AGPF
  • FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey

  • Huawei (some Infinitum)
  • Wlan_XXXX or Jazztel_XXXX
  • WLAN_XX ( some models)
  • Ono (P1XXXXXX0000X)
  • WlanXXXXXX, YacomXXXXXX and WifiXXXXXX
  • Routers

  • Sky V1
  • v1 and v2
  • InfostradaWifi
  • Axtel
  • CONN-X
  • Megared
  • EasyBox, Arcor and Vodafone (new)
  • PBS (Austria)
  • PTV
  • TeleTu/Tele2
  • Axtel Axtel-xtremo
  • Intercable
  • OTE
  • Cabovisao Sagem
  • RouterKeygen offers three different methods to calculate the keys:

    Using a dictionary (default) is the fastest method. You have to download the dictionary from the preferences menu and place it on the SD card ..

  • Internet: can be activated from the preferences. It is slightly slower than the last, and you should expect to recover the keys.
  • Calculus
  • Native (default reserve) we can calculate the keys without a dictionary or connection but the process is slow. It can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes according to the device.
  • Router Keygen is available for download from Google Play but here are the APK and dictionary so you can download it to your device :

  • not know how to install APKs, I recommend following our tutorial for it from this link .

    NOTE: You will see connections in green and other red with their respective signal strength, but keys sólopodrás calculate the connections shown in green.


    WLANAudit is an application that allows you to find nearby WiFi networks and checked for safety. Thus, we can diagnose and relieve your most important information such as MAC address, encryption capabilities, intensity, frequency signal, etc.

     WLANAudit 2  WLANAudit 3

    In addition, some access points, WLANAudit can calculate the default encryption key employee through public data issued by the access point (Name, address MAC, etc.) and a publicly known algorithm.

    Using the app is simple. Just start it and press the “Refresh” to view available networks. Then, you must select the one you want to try to access your password.

    WLANAudit can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Again I leave the APK.

    Download WLAN Audit v1.1.1 (Google Play)

  • Mac2WepKey HHG5XX

    Mac2WepKey HHG5XX is a powerful application for IT auditors that detects Huawei devices and the wireless key generates default one from the MAC address through the algorithm Mac2WepKey.

     Mac2WepKey HHG5XX  HHG5XX-Mac2WepKey

    This means that it is an application similar to as the key to calculate WiFi networks but is only for Huawei modems.

    This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

    Download Mac2WepKey HHG5XX (Google Play)

    WiFi Finder

    Wi-Fi Finder is a very good application for situations when you need to connect to a WiFi network and you have one at your fingertips.

    WiFi Finder-2

    This application does not calculate network key, but helps you find open WiFi networks that are not password protected. This has a database of over 550,000 points of free and paid access in 150 countries worldwide.

    But how does the app to find find WiFi networks without password your reach without an internet connection? WiFi Finder uses GPS device and does a lookup in its database according to the coordinates where you are, giving you the results with a brief description of the networks so you know which network you are connected (bar, hotel, club, house, etc).

    WiFi Finder-6 WiFi Finder

    WiFi Finder can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

    Download WiFi Finder (Google Play)

    Free Zone

    Free Zone is a great application key descrifa but not allowing us to find and connect to free WiFi networks. If you are within the coverage area of ​​a free network, the app will automatically connect your phone to the Internet. The great thing is that Free Zone has a map with more than 5 million registered networks and ready for use worldwide and the number is growing daily networks because users may be updating the information up the location of the free networks.

    Free Zone-4 Free Zone-3

    Also, use Free Zone is easy. As we passed near a WiFi network open or closed wireless networks that have been shared by the Community Free Zone, the aplicaición automatically connect us so we can surf for free.

    Free Zone can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Again I leave the APK.

    Download Free Zone (APK)

    Download Free Zone (Google Play)

    More information on .


    WifiPass is an excellent tool to recover your passwords for networks WLAN_XXXX, VODAFONEXXXX and JAZZTEL_XXXX.

    Pass-Wifi  Pass Wifi-2

    If the network password is the one comes standard with WifiPass you get in seconds.

    This application can download offered free of charge from Google Play.

    Download WifiPass 1.1 (Google Play)


    pulWifi is another excellent tool to decrypt WiFi key. In the application will see a list of networks that you can get the password WEP or WAP. Just click on any of them and you will see the key. Then you have to copy it to the clipboard and insert it into the WiFi connection. It’s that simple!

     Pul Wifi-3 Wifi pul-4

    The application has a manual mode and an automatic mode. The latter process takes place automatically, while from the manual mode, after entering the name and MAC address of the network will show three options: Show the key, Copy to clipboard and Back key.
    It is clear pulWifi that only supports some networks, since all it does is access networks through the keys of the routers default, so if users have changed it, the application will not work.

    Supported Networks:


  • Some routers D-Link
  • Some routers Huawei
  • pulWifi is not available on Google Play but Here is the APK.

    Download pulWifi (APK)


    Penetrate Pro is a great application to calculate WEP / WPA keys for some routers WiFi and 3G routers based on Thomson .

     Penetrate Pro Android 2.11.1-3 Penetrate Pro Android 2.11.1-2
    between routers that support the app are:

    Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange , SpeedTouch, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet

  • Pirelli Discus
  • Eircom
  • DLink

  • Verizon FiOS (only some routers)
  • Fastweb (Pirelli & Telsey)
  • Jazztel_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX
  • Tecom
  • Infostrada
  • SkyV1
  • The application is not in Google Play and while not receiving updates for a while, still remains one of the best apps for calculating key from your Android. Here is the latest version of APK.

    Download Penetrate Pro 2.11 (APK)



    WifiLeaks is an application similar to that allows us to decipher the keys to any WiFi router that is available to us and which is protected with WPA.

     WiFi Leaks-3  Leaks WiFi-4

    It is recommended to supplement the use of this application with similar since they generally do not have the same dictionary. And with WiFi Leaks can only access routers with WPA keys for WEP not.

    Use this application is very simple. After installation, you will ask to activate the WiFi and you will get a list of available networks with their respective MAC address. The protected with WPA are displayed in green and will provide an encrypted key that you have to copy.

    Then, you must connect to a WiFi network as you would normally do, select “Paste” the key and go!

    WifiLeaks is a free and in Spanish that is not available on Google Play. Here is the APK.

    Download WiFi Leaks (APK)

    NOTE : Wifi Leaks offers us the keys to the default which means that if the user has modified the initial password, can not calculate the key.


    ObtenWIFI is a complete suite of WiFi security and auditing, which enables you to stay connected wherever you are.
    ObtenWIFI-5  ObtenWIFI-4

    This application consists of four main tools:

    – Strong Password Generator: allows WEP and WPA passwords generate safer than you are loaded by default on many routers.

    – recoverer and saved passwords: is unusual to lose or forget the passwords and can sometimes be quite problematic. So ObtenWIFI offers a module to retrieve passwords you’ve entered in your phone. This process requires root permissions.

    – Perform Backups WiFi networks stored on your mobile: a great choice for when we go to install a cooked ROM, when we go to format the device, restore factory, etc.. We copy the network list in a file on the memory card and restore it whenever we want with one click. This process also need to be root.

    – Scanners networks to retrieve WiFi key: This is the most powerful module. As , this application allows us to retrieve passwords for WiFi modems lss following:


  • LAN_XX (Dlink-Wireless)
  • Dlink-XXXXXX
  • MegaredXXXX
  • IntercableXXXX
  • IntercableXXXXXX
  • ptvxxxxxx
  • ptv-xxxxxxx
  • Andared
  • Discus-XXXXXX
  • InfostradaWiFi-XXXXXX
  • P1XXXXXX0000X
  • p1XXXXXX0000X
  • CONN-X
  • Arcor-XXXXXX
  • EasyBox-XXXXXX
  • Vodafone-XXXXXX
  • wifimedia_R-XXXX
  • Several Thomson
  • You may not have the most attractive interface, but without doubt it is a great application ObtenWiFi to audit WiFi network security and recover lost own WiFi networks and thus free browsing.

    This application can be downloaded from Google Play.

    Download ObtenWiFi (Google Play)

    More information on – >

    WiFi Free

    WiFi Free is another excellent application that lets you find all network access points WiFi closest either with or without a password so you can surf for free wherever you are.

     Free WiFi Android 2 Free WiFi Android 3

    WifiFree scanned wireless networks near your location and find the most important WiFi hotspots, allowing you to apply filters according to whether or not having password.

    WiFiFree can be downloaded for free from Google Play)

    Download Free WiFi (Google Play)

    This is our selection of the best applications to decipher clues and use free WiFi from your Android. What is your favorite? What has given you the best results? Let your experiences in the comments!

    Remember you can read all my articles from HERE or follow me on Twitter from @ GerRodrigo87 to be aware of everything going on in the Android world.

    Best Android Apps for Calculating Keys Free WiFi & Navigate
    March 5, 2013

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