Best wallpapers and icons for Android: Google Now Velur and Wallpapers

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    We’re back with our weekly ration of icons and wallpapers . We hope you find interesting and are a real option for all those who love customization. Here we show today’s proposal:


    Watch the video

    Velur includes a large number of icons and wallpapers. Actually circular includes more than 1500 high quality icons. The icons have a modern design, and are flat and elongated funds.

    A part includes 42 wallpapers that go with matching icons and supports Apex, Nova, ADW , Aviate, Go, Smart …

    is available from Play Store and has a price of 0.69 €:

    Application Google Play

    Google Now Wallpapers


    Today we bring you a very special screen backgrounds. In today’s case is not an application but a few wallpapers created by Alex Pasquarella . . Few weeks I’ll go along and periodically removing wallpapers created by emulating design Google Now ago

    Wallpapers Va periodically taking that emulate different locations: NY , Toronto, California … and each Wallpaper creates different depending on the time of day versions, so that there are four. day, dusk, night, dawn


    Then I attached the different packages that have been created. You can also follow him on G+ to be trendy and takes cognizance if a new package:

    I hope you like a lot. See you in a week.

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    Best wallpapers and icons for Android: Google Now Velur and Wallpapers
    June 1, 2014

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