‘Big Little Lies’ returns with force to HBO in a season 2 which extends naturally the life in Monterey

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    'Big Little Lies' returns with force to HBO in a season 2 which extends naturally the life in Monterey

    HBO scored a big ‘Big Little Lies’, so much so that she couldn’t leave the possibility of a second season when it initially was intended to be a miniseries. The novel from Liane Moriarty who took base was already completely covered, and even Jean-Marc Vallée, the director of all the episodes of the first season, clear that he saw no sense to go forward. None of that mattered.

    the next June 9 when the spectators are able to return to Monterey, but in Espinof we have already had the opportunity to see the first three episodes of this second season and have been very happy with the result. It all feels like a natural extension of what was presented in the first seven episodes. Is lost the strength of being oriented to a great revelation but everything else he did highlight to the series is still there. And also added to Meryl Streep.

    from here you will find some spoilers of the second season.

    the consequences of The incident


    The death of Perry has been affected very differently to the five of Monterey, being Celeste, and Bonnie the most affected. The first for obvious reasons, but it is also still holding on to those happy moments with your husband to no end to get ahead. A breeding ground for very dangerous when you have in the house to your mother in law asking questions about what really happened, and on being very persistent in their investigations by other sides.

    In fact, initially Meryl Streep shared more moments with Reese Witherspoon, perhaps for the benefit of the second is producer of the series, but what is certain is that everything related to the particular research that develops the first feels natural. Note that Mary Louise is a woman with enough skills to get what you are looking for and also that he so much wanted his son, who is reluctant to accept what they discover along the way.

    More disconnected from all of them is Bonnie, very affected by it have been she who had done with Perry. That discomfort is something that is going to simmer, allowing to Zoe Kravitz show the earthquake of emotions that has to cope. If I had to decide, something tells me that Mary Louise will end up discovering what really happened across it in an exercise of liberation. What will happen after is what I would love to see.

    weaknesses of the five Monterey

    Season Two Big Ittle Lies

    yes, others have assimilated better what happened does not mean that each one of them have to cope with painful situations that allow Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley continue squeezing your talent, and above all to evolve from the situation in which we left them rather than altering them radically.

    The series opts for continuity on all fronts but that does not entail to be predictable.

    The halo of intensity hovered at all times by the multitude of secrets and lies that there is in Monterey is something that Andrea Arnold knows how to capture the perfection, but this second season is perceived to be more interested in the microcosm of each one of the protagonists. We already know what united are, something that was so impeccable in the first season, and that allowed them to fly free… even though that expression really only fits well in the case of Jane.


    To tell the truth, this second season seems more focused on the crisis of marriage and how that influences the protagonists. In opposition to this we have Jane, who seems to answer a experience especially traumatic -let us remember that shortly before the death of Perry identifying him as her rapist-. In some cases it is more evident in his attitude to other characters-perhaps too much in the case of Bonnie-but the cracks are there and they are going to grow.

    In such relative fragility of most fits very well the addition of Streep since the actress gives the series a different energy in every one of his appearances and knows how to adapt very well to their comrades of the sequence, thus enriching each of his appearances. What I don’t get is that they call the long-term stress that was the first season, but it brings something different that makes you look forward to see what will be his next move.

    In short, the ‘Big Little Lies’ returns with force in his second season and continuing in a coherent way what we had already seen. It saves a possibly cansina police investigation -starts several months after the end of the first – to re-focus on the characters, what they are and seem to be. I don’t know to what extent we really needed to continue the story, but doing it so well a few drawbacks there are to give it to HBO.

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    The news ‘Big Little Lies’ returns with force to HBO in a season 2 which extends naturally the life in Monterey was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    ‘Big Little Lies’ returns with force to HBO in a season 2 which extends naturally the life in Monterey
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    May 31, 2019

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