BioWare working on large projects secrets

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    in Addition to the new Dragon Age and give more content to Anthem or Star Wars: The Old Republic, the studio has more games in march.

    Casey Hudson of BioWare has posted a new message on the blog in the study, and in him he speaks of several large projects. By the time we know it is running a new Dragon Age and that they plan to continue supporting Anthem and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not on other licenses known or original.

    We have several other major projects underway. I would like to speak more of them, but they are supersecretos right now. I can say that one of the projects has a big team that is growing in Edmonton, working on pre-production, and seeing the progress I can confirm that the dire Wolf is rising”, a nod to Fen’Harel of Dragon Age.

    Following the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda its sequels were on pause, but some of these projects could be an update of the original trilogy. BioWare ensures that it still has plans for the series.

    BioWare working on large projects secrets

    BioWare working on large projects secrets
    September 6, 2019

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