‘Blind’ is a thought-provoking thriller which is noted for Sandra Bullock

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    'blind' is a thought-provoking thriller which is noted for Sandra Bullock

    The 2018 has been a very intense year for Netflix with regards to film production. The platform started its bet on the seventh art in 2015, with ‘Beasts of No Nation’, he began to catch his run-in 2016 and 2017 was the year of the big bang. Now tap confirm going more and more and so it has been in a 2018 that in reference to original films close on the 21st of December with ‘blind’ (‘Bird Box’).

    ‘blind’ is also one of the films more ambitious Netflix this year. In it, we have to Sandra Bullock as the protagonist and behind the cameras Susanne Bier, director, Danish responsible for title such as ‘In a better world’ or the award-winning mini-series ‘The Night Manager’, to give a twist of the film post-apocalyptic.

    The result is interesting but not memorable, although it already gives to be one of the original movies Netflix more stimulants until now.

    The approach

    Scene Blind

    Casting an eye to the argument of ‘blind’ one can remember ‘A quiet place’, although its protagonists may not see instead of uttering sounds. However, any connection with the remarkable tape of John Krasinski will not much beyond that related coincidence, as much by history as by tone is bet for the opposite directions.

    In the case of ‘blind’ more premium the link a little less forced that is established between a group of survivors with personalities quite different from each other. There I thought far more in other titles such as ‘The fog’, because the dynamic between them with an external threat is what governs the second act of the film. Yes, here is a detail clear that the difference is that the tape of Bier do not use a linear narrative -although they do not expect anything very risky for that side-.

    In fact, the first thing that we see in the film belongs to a quite advanced the story, something that translates into a positive and the other negative to the film. The good thing is that so predispones more easily to the viewer to identify with the protagonist when you touch back to “normal” prior to the post-apocalypse. To change that tarnishing to the others, because before you even know them because we assume that they are going to end up falling by the way sooner rather than later.

    Lights and shadows of ‘blind’

    Image Blinds

    good deal with the that has ‘blindly’ compensates, in part, on this last paste, even when his characters are at times a cliché so hackneyed that it’s difficult to find something stimulating in them -here I think especially in that it touches on luck to John Malkovich-. In addition, Bier takes advantage of the intensity of how well he had managed to print the story before they are all to avoid that one happens to disconnect when everything is back to normal.

    There the main drawbacks come from the script signed by Eric Heiresser‘The arrival’-, as it never ends to the appropriate key for the ingredients that you use to connect in a satisfactory way. That translates to the passion and the force that follows the character very well played by Bullock rarely find something around you that is at the height.

    Frame Blind

    The closest the efforts of Bier by maintaining the tension and keeping the humanity of the story, but she also has to deal with the ballast inherited from the libretto of Heiresser. Once the film arrives at the same point you started it is true that the tension is increasing and the good work of Bullock allows you to immerse yourself more in what seems like A last attempt doomed to failure.

    however, ‘blind’ knows how to handle well the mythology that had been settled before to say goodbye, leaving a good taste in your mouth. It is true that the limitations of the movie are fairly obvious, but the positive ends up weighing more, especially in a very convincing Sandra Bullock, that is the one that really prevents to reach to come crashing down when everything stagnates for several minutes.

    In short, ‘Blind’ is a thriller appreciable but that does not make that you finish curdle your proposal beyond what brings Bullock to the film. All in all, it was following with interest and the other actors also give the size for as little one to spend some fun time while at the same time in tension.

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    The news ‘blind’ is a thought-provoking thriller which is noted for Sandra Bullock was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    ‘Blind’ is a thought-provoking thriller which is noted for Sandra Bullock
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    December 14, 2018

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