‘Blindspot’ wins the race for the second season, NBC granted the first renewal

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    Blindspot Hero

    We have not yet Ecuador last November and we have the first renewal of new series of the season . It is rare to come so early, but it is clear that NBC wants to show off success and wanted to show the world how happy she is with ‘Blindspot’ (it was la first to get the back-nine ) and the confidence you have in your future. And no wonder, as far as commercial target terms (viewers 18 to 49, remember) is the No. 1 releases fall.

    This procedural police heir ‘The Blacklist’, the success of last year the chain began with good data, achieving a 3.7 demos and nearly 13 million total viewers (adding hearing delayed). Excluding the last chapter issued, the daily average emission is about 2.4 and 8.7 million in demos of spectators, figures that once these figures would have been far from being considered smash, but that today are an achievement.

    In addition, ‘Blindspot’ makes a lot with Live + 7 data is one of the series fastest growing demos thanks to DVRs (according to Nielsen, it has come to grow by 71% to 4.5 rating points). With all these numbers, owns its place on the grid Monday at 22h, where it competes with ‘Castle’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’., Which would have to add their demos to reach

    This early (but argued) insurance renewal is one of the many surprises that will come this season , which will begin to see how the chains, especially the generalists begin to consider open- new landscape of content distribution when assessing what is a hit today.

    Tele Go! | ‘Blindspot’ is also a “no thanks”

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    News ‘Blindspot’ wins the race for the second season, NBC granted the first renewal was originally published in Go Tele by Adriana Izquierdo .

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    ‘Blindspot’ wins the race for the second season, NBC granted the first renewal
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    November 10, 2015

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