Blip Bloop, the minimalist puzzle that will make us eat the head

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    Many games that we present normally in this web your trying to make the most possible power and capabilities of modern hardware. Whether realistic graphics or opting for a more cartoonish style, aim to show the greatest amount of polygons and effects on screen as possible without affecting the performance of the graphics engine. But sometimes we forget that it is not necessary to entertain, and games like Blip Bloop prove it.

    Blip Bloop game could not be simpler. Each level is a grid in which most of the holes are gray. Our goal is to simply change color those pictures by clicking on them. When you click on a picture, the adjacent also be colored, expanding like an explosion of color. The key is to use as few moves as possible . Again, it is a game system that looks very simple when explained, and only when we tested it we realize the possibilities.

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    Blip Bloop, the minimalist puzzle that will make us eat the head
    May 25, 2013

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