Blizzard denies the rumors about Devil: Reign of Terror

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    It had been speculated with an announcement at BlizzCon.

    These days there has been a rumor that indicated that Blizzard could be present at BlizzCon this year a new expansion of Diablo III titularía Reign of Terror, or even that that would be the title of a completely new game. Not in vain, as it has been confirmed that are preparing ads related with the saga for this event. However, Blizzard has explained that the name in question is not related to your ads.

    The story arises in the on-line community of ResetEra, when you post a message that exposes that have appeared objects in the company store with the label “Devil: Reign of Terror”. The community interpreted this as a filtration result of the publication by failure of the objects before time.

    Blizzard, however, has cooled down tempers. The company explained that these names are going to be used in “new products that will be available at BlizzCon, and is not a direct reference to content that will be displayed at the event“.

    therefore, it seems that this title is only for products marketing and that is not related to any announcement related to the series.

    Blizzard has launched the version for Nintendo Switch of Diablo III, a project for a animated series for Netflix and it is expected that there will be special announcements at BlizzCon this year. But it seems that the name of “Reign of Terror” go to link up with these ads.

    Blizzard denies the rumors about Devil: Reign of Terror
    October 14, 2018

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