Blizzard would be worked in a Warcraft style Pokemon GO

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    The study is a fan of mobile games.

    Devil Immortal is part of a great plan for the mobile market, despite the controversy with your ad. The journalist Jason Schreier of Kotaku has published a comprehensive article on the Diablo, and the strategy of the developer with the mobile.

    mobile gaming is a serious commitment for Blizzard, and many of its employees are frequent players of these devices: “The reaction internally in the company to Immortal was very different to the”external” . In addition, many employees would be interested in being part of small projects, just as the mobile.

    The most curious is the reference to a project inspired by Pokémon GO, the success of augmented reality in Niantic for Nintendo. “For example, developers have told me that there are quite a few people at Blizzard who play at the Pokémon GO“, says Kotaku. “The iconic statue of the orc in the center of the campus of Blizzard is a Pokeparada, and the personal struggle to control that point on a daily basis”.

    A Warcraft style Pokemon GO

    Obviously, one of the teams would have hatched a similar idea to the title of Niantic. It is “a Warcraft version Pokémon GO, which is now in development for mobile. Surely those responsible for the decision making at Blizzard thought that this spin-off of Warcraft could get a large income, but the game is also in production because the main designer Cory Stockon -previously in World of Warcraft– is a big fan of Pokémon“.

    Blizzard would be worked in a Warcraft style Pokemon GO

    Blizzard would be worked in a Warcraft style Pokemon GO
    November 21, 2018

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