‘Blood Drive’ is a tribute to the cinema of series B sufficiently thug but not enough acid

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  • ‘Blood Drive’ is a tribute to the cinema of series B sufficiently thug but not enough acid

    it Is obvious that a project like ‘Blood Drive’ has all of my sympathies from the start line. the do A rehash of ‘death race 2000’ that take advantage of its argument, travelling to pay homage to in each episode to a subgenus or classic of the B-series? Is a great idea (though not absolutely original: he did it before the sensational video game ‘The House of the Dead: Overkill’, that in each level you parodied a different style of the film grindhouse), but perhaps his size plays against him. Put another way: there are directors of series B they shot less film in his entire career than the duration of the first season of ‘Blood Drive’.

    ‘Blood Drive’ is part of the batch of series that now about a year premiered Syfy to revitalize its programming, to strengthen its content of fantasy and science-fiction light. Among them were ‘Krypton’, ‘Happy!’ and this ‘Blood Drive’, despite having a philosophy more or less related to the successes of the previous channel (the strategy of Syfy with she was clear), as the behemoth ‘Sharknado’, was cancelled after its first season. The series now comes to XTRM in Spain, where already they have issued a couple of episodes.

    With an aesthetic whose main reference are the celluloid spent, the ochre and the titles of credit in excessive of the two films ‘Grindhouse’ Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (though the theme, obviously we get closer to the ground, asphalt, desert, and high speeds of ‘Deah Proof’), ‘Blood Drive’ sends us to the future-past of the “distant” in 1999. There is celebrated a career of illegal and wild in the that will end up forming a team a woman who is for a few monsergas (Christina Ochoa) and a police officer so mostrenco as resolving (Alan Ritchson).

    unfortunately, ‘Blood Drive’ is not known to constantly be at the height of the proposal is very far from ooze, the genuine devotion (and knowledge) of Tarantino and Rodriguez, and almost all it takes are ideas borrowed… from people taking ideas that have been lent to the B-series of the seventies. The aesthetics of VHS spent is already a copy of a copy of a copy (and not talking about copying tapes, but copying ideas), and not bother to display a certain consistency: the winks can cite to the film a vintage feel, but the aesthetics of the action sequences is -unfortunately – current, not to mention the horrísona soundtrack, all neo-metal weak third category, away from the abrasive dirt, funk and blues of the original films.

    Although, possibly, James Roland, creator of the series, is a fan genuine film grindhouse to which it gives indisimulado tribute, ‘Blood Drive’ is perceived something stuck most of the time. Its supposed political incorrectness is rather stale (the pair of conductors are gay, and the mood that is conducive to and worthy of a joke of Arévalo, it would be far more corrosive if pointed in the opposite direction) and the theme of the various episodes are governed by the homage uncritical to the topic, rather than by the intention to undermine equality. ‘Blood Drive’ despite the fact that it has the tools are conducive, it is an imitation, not a comment.

    ‘Blood Drive’: a fun skidding with top-end

    what Is then the ‘Blood Drive’ a waste, without much of a shaft to ‘Sharknado’? Well, luckily not, because with all its shortcomings and its nature of pure use-and-throw, ‘Blood Drive’ is genuinely funny. Starting with the gimmick that gives life to it: cars of the race, due to the shortage of gasoline, they work with human blood, and they can throw the hood people whole (or for parts) because they possess on the motor gear that slices up their infaustas victims. A proposal brilliant that is pure delirium and that was about -a little fortuitously – as many proposals of the New Flesh of the eighties and whose effects, in addition, are surrounded with a lot of taste, with special effects practical and pools of blood, genuine, not CGI.

    Blood Drive S01e01 Still

    Because the ‘Blood Drive’ is extremely bloody. Lacks the creativity of peaks of the splatter television as ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’, but keeps the type thanks to its practical effects and its total lack of any type of restraint, which paired well with the avalanche of concepts of authentic knock-down, thrown in the key of vomitona of ideas from the film series Z: of the corporation villanísima the presenter histrionic and sadistic, passing through the origin of a cyborg that seems straight out of a sequel good of ‘Mortal Kombat’. The set is unbalanced and somewhat contrived, but as show mindless meet plenty of their task.

    The format of monster-of-the-week, here is a little grindhouse-of-the-week, it is also a good idea, and letting go combining persecutions, tributes and subframes -which are not among the most brilliant of the series, especially for the low spark of that enjoyed by the villains-. But in general, the ten episodes are an entertainment consistent despite their schemes that are repeated and that what works well in 70 minutes is not necessarily as enjoyable for ten hours. In any case, a bet different and daring to look out, provided you have one among the clear target audience of this failed experiment but trotter Syfy.

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    ‘Blood Drive’ is a tribute to the cinema of series B sufficiently thug but not enough acid
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    November 22, 2018

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