‘Blue ‘ Rai’: to invoke the spirit of the B-series is not enough to set the film in a video store

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    care must be taken when it is invoked according to what spirits. The B series is especially risky: the whole world believes to be qualified to quote Roger Corman, Kevin Smith, Samuel Z. Arkoff, Jess Franco and Lloyd Kaufman. Until you discover that that essence is invisible that underpinned and put in common all their films went far beyond that they had no money to baskets.

    it Is simple to require the intangible -perhaps non-existent, at best, is nothing more than an impossible dream that we are inventing right now – spirit of the B-series in formal: ambientas a movie in a video store, do a half-dozen explicit references (that is, citing performers and titles) to genre films, a poster, a self-conscious and eighties and a starting point that is an obvious concoction of films, iconic and cult, and that spirit has to solidify with a blessing instant. Isn’t it?

    In this case, the concoction league to ‘Clerks’ with ‘Late dog’ with the story of a young jilted that he wants to recover his bride at all costs by simulating a kidnapping with hostages in a video store with several characters very different. Besieged by the police, and with an attitude that is absolutely devoid of violence -what to vary, it is refreshing to so many stories of people locked up who end up revealing his face more dark, the story will be disparatando and the dramita Rai will become a viral phenomenon.

    An argument of the order and no-fuss, reduced to virtually a single scenario and that comes with the seal of the ESCAC, the Higher School of Cinema and Audiovisual of Catalonia, even though those who direct and write already have some callus in the middle: the director Pedro B. Abreu, tanning in advertising and the screenwriter Carlos Franco, also a professor of the school.

    The result, despite the deficiencies in the budget, has a finish that is highly technically competent, and that even allows certain watermarks visual.

    The problem is that this expertise and these watermarks are visually impaired (some directly outputs the advertisement of any contacts app) seem to me a little cold and remote control. In no time the film decides to move out of the lane of the obvious, what in a film that is autoadjudica the label of juvenile, irreverent and iconoclastic, it is the greatest of sins. Almost all of the characters and their behaviors are constructed with a template, and even when it embraces the topic (the good cop and the bad cop) has moments of brilliance occasionally, the threshing is usually call your own function.

    blind dates

    Without doubt the most irritating of ‘Blue ‘ Rai’ is, precisely, that auto-pilot with the leading dating pop: the setting in the video store, the cinefilia of the protagonist, the role of social networks, the explicit references in dialogue are postureo pure and hard, search for the assent of the viewer in front of something that is recognizable. A shame, because when ‘Blue ‘ Rai’ find flashes of personality, it does not work evil.


    Even so, ‘Blue ‘ Rai’ is an entertainment fluff and sympathetic about ajustadísimos sixty a few minutes (goes to the point and doesn’t waste time with subplots to round off the length) and with occasional memorable moments. Although the interpretation of Santi Bayon is a bit tiresome (what is true is that is the character the least interesting aspect of the function, and the fault of a script that you create that is portraying a charming immaturity when is the typical heavy with gusts sociopaths of romantic comedy of the nineties), there are a bunch of side powerful and solid, Mireia Guilella, Betsy Turnez and Josep Kept in head.

    The problem of ‘Blue ‘ Rai’ is that it is not, in fact, just as tontorrona and inconsequential as she wants to see. It lacks the looseness and genuine freshness, not impostada, of his admired ‘Clerks’. is sometimes it is not enough to autoadjudicarse the philosophy of low budget to be able to brag about it. Even so, its rapid dialogue, its open irrelevance and his light tone turning the balance in favour of the whole.

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    ‘Blue ‘ Rai’: to invoke the spirit of the B-series is not enough to set the film in a video store
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    April 17, 2018

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