Buy and Cardboard mounted, the virtual viewer Google for less than 20 €

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    The final part of the main event Google I / O , introducing all-new Android Preview L, Wear, TV, Auto, Material … became a little heavy, because for a few minutes focused on the technical aspect of new development tools and that part, although important, it is less interesting to the general public. After she became one of the most anticipated moments for attendees: what “gifts” were to receive for their assistance

    No got burned . could choose between the LG or Samsung G Watch Gear Live, and in a few months when the Motorola Moto 360 exit, too. Joined that, giving Google surprised Cardboard, An cardboard with KIT to create your own home viewer virtual reality using an Android smartphone.

    Buy and ride your Cardboard for less than 20 €

    Luckily Cardboard will not be exclusive to them, and you can start your own Rift Oculus buying Cardboard carton from the store DODOcase . The price of all the parts exceeds $ 45 but because they expect to sell great amount of KIT’s, sell it for less than $ 20 (about 15 € to change) , and if you want to add the NFC tag costs about 18 €.

     DODOcase cardboard

    At that price must be added shipping, $ 5.79 for Spain, and home receive everything you need to mount : precut cardboard, velcro, sunglasses, belt … everything. The simple mounting Google has detailed step by step in a web site dedicated to Cardboard and is now available in App Play. A really low price to build a virtual reality goggles, do you cheer?.

    Aplicación at Google Play

    Via | Gizmodo – Store | DODOcase – More info | Cardboard

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    Buy and Cardboard mounted, the virtual viewer Google for less than 20 €
    June 27, 2014

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