Cable channels accelerate the playback speed to put more ads, the image of the week

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It turns out that some cable channels, which tend to fill voids your grill with classic and old series of emission-rights which have not shake the pulse when it comes to making any modification to allow them to issue two extra minutes of ads commercial advertising per half hour of these reemsiones .

The Business Insider ha Comparative produced this video which appreciate some of the techniques they use. The main one is the increase in speed reprducción episodes. Another (and less detectable) a little less invasive method is the one that makes a company dedicated to make these adjustments with a tool called Time Tailor . The technology analyzes audio video programs and identifies segments that have identical or nearly identical to information can be eliminated.

Now only drawings are removed here and there, accelerating without changing playback speed , achieving a 5% reduction in the total duration of the program. In the video we also see other techniques used, such as a shorter version of the header (the less dramatic option if you want to do this) or removal of a gag in full (most atrocity that could . do)

As indicated by The Business Insider, is a response to the rapid and radical changes taking place in the television business in recent years; the chains are looking for the most short-term options to profit from their agreements and contracts while they are capable of it.

Series as ‘Friends’ or ‘Frasier’ are classic comedy that can be found on-demand platforms streaming , so rather it loses the sense of sitting in front of the TV to an hour on a specific day to feed nostalgia for such content. And of course the chains think make the most to those who still do.

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Cable channels accelerate the playback speed to put more ads, the image of the week

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