Cake Web Browser: a different browser for those seeking a lot and visit the same websites

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    Cake 1

    There are some types of applications where the innovation does not look too much. For example a web browser: in the end, most end up doing the same thing with specific functions that make them unique. Then we have apps that are out of the tangent as, for example, the ultra-lightweight Dual Browser or the curious, and useful, alternative that we bring you today.

    Cake Web Browser goes to a very specific audience: users, who visit daily to the same websites and spend a lot of the search engine. This browser the outboard in both aspects, and if we used your proposal and give you a little time ,because it is still a little green, you can become a good alternative for anyone looking for an app that is simple and direct to the point.

    The first time that we opened Cake Web Browser us guide you through a simple wizard where we explain the main functions of the browser. The center of the experience is in your browser: when you put a word instead of showing us the results that we would give Google we will open the first page that will appear.

    from there, we’re sliding to the left to go watching the rest of the pages, always respecting the order of the search engine (you can choose between Google and Bing). Before you give a search, you can choose the theme and instead of pages that show us to be images, videos, products in shops…

    Cake 2

    If what you want is to find images, for example, is more useful than a standard web browser in a quick search we have access to all the results of Google, imgur, Giphy, Bing… it Works very well although in the case of searches for terms, it is true that habituate be seeing pages directly instead of choosing us where to click.

    The second leg of Cake Browser is in thematic sections. When you click on the smiley face that appears in the bottom bar, will appear on a range of subjects: news, fashion, technology, sports… When we click on each one of them we will load a set of default pages, so that we can see each cover page with just a swipe of the finger.

    As function is very useful but we find two problems. First, at the level of performance still leaves a little to be desired. It is slow loading the headers and it may take a couple of minutes until it loads all the content even when the quality of the connection is good.

    on the other hand we do not have the option of being able to customize the fonts and, for the moment, these thematic categories the only thing that we offers are the English media and there is no possibility to modify them, to select local content.

    keep in mind that Cake Browser is still in development and even has published the first stable version in Google Play. It has so much potential to be a good browser if we used your way of using it, and we took advantage.

    Cake Browser

    Cake Browser

    The news Cake Web Browser: a different browser for those seeking a lot and visit the same websites was originally published in Xataka Android by Juan Carlos González .

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    Cake Web Browser: a different browser for those seeking a lot and visit the same websites
    January 17, 2018

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