Campaign to close the YouTube channel Alvaro Reyes for advocacy of sexual harassment

campaign to close the YouTube channel Alvaro Reyes by advocacy of Unfortunate sexual harassment

from start to finish.

Alvaro Reyes is an old Spanish since almost two years ago contase its history “Cursos 300 euros machismo “ A young Spanish like many others, with a particularity. through its YouTube channel (and its website and Twitter account, and …) taught, after collection, seduction techniques for women with absolutely embarrassing and actionable content, including phrases like “wanting to be good with women without being rejected is like go whoring and not paying,” or chapters as “How to talk dirty and want to go with you home “or” What to do when she tells you she has a boyfriend “.

Alvaro Reyes, author of gems like” do not wait for your permission. Feel entitled to do what you want. Asking permission is a symptom of insecurity “

After the commotion caused as a result of that article, the said Alvaro Reyes (whose real name is Jeremiah) returned to register where Inhale and never again receive the attention of the media spotlight. until today, since it has been known that during this weekend, from 11 to 13 March, will return to the fray with classes seduction “live”, with up to seven “students” , taking advantage of the nightlife. for this reason and because an anthropologist 22 years has opened a campaign calling for the closure of his YouTube channel for advocacy of sexual harassment. At the moment the campaign is on 22,000 signatures, and rising.

A YouTube channel, by the way, which has over 400,000 followers, and we will not link to not give more publicity than necessary: ​​in them you can see a miserable, haughtily, and objectifies women, where rejection is something transitory. the motivation that sells cheap and shameful. instead, highlights a terrible sexism and misogyny unbecoming of a young man born in the late eighties . Something is wrong with him, and that takes almost half a million subscribers. By taking out a sentence, among many, that represent well your channel and your style:

“The girl began to behave like doubting, David and Alexander caught her with full authority and went up to floor without question. (note: when a girl acts insecurity, guide her you she needs a leader to take her and if you subcomunicas that security, she will feel safe and will follow). “

Absolutely regrettable.


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Campaign to close the YouTube channel Alvaro Reyes for advocacy of sexual harassment
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