Can I use my Android Pay rooted Android smartphone? Yes, but not officially

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    Last week Android Pay premiered en United States . It’s a matter of time, sooner or later, the service is watchable in other countries and end up with the months having it with us. As long as you get a service with much impact, emerge many questions and one of them will solve it today .

    Users who have root on your smartphone Android is a relatively large community . They are not many but enough for them to be taken into account. Payment is something delicate and therefore always, at first, there is a reluctance to use these services with a mobile phone with too many permits. . Skepticism but also solutions, although nothing official time

    The situation with Android Pay today is the same as with Google Wallet : if you have root, you will not be able to afford this service. Over time Google was flexible and removed this restriction. Probably with time but this situation also change the current scenario is that you just have

    This prohibition, of course, is not perfect and multiple users have methods to mislead Pay our Android phone is not rooted and therefore to authorize the payment. Relax, we will not teach how to deceive the platform for malicious purposes but simply to be able to continue using it (when it arrives) without having to worry about having root or not.

     Android Pay 1

    On the one hand we have a conventional solution or what is the same, have installed Xposed and download the module” No Device Check “. With this, we ensure that applications do not do the testing system and device to avoid tell you that our phone is rooted. Today is widely used for applications in Google Play that limit the use if have super user permissions.

    However, with a further review we see that it is actually easier than it looks Pay with Android using root. The problem with this payment system is not already rooteados terminals if not with those who have done once the application is installed . In both cases, there is a simple solution.

    For that we need SuperSU go off and root . Then we will open the Android application Pay, add the cards that we will use and re-enabled on SuperSU. Ready, and we can continue using the service without problems.

    Will this change when expanded to more countries?

    So far we do not know if Android Pay keep this restriction with the passage of time in Google Wallet they ended ignoring a mobile have root or not. We’ll see if the same scenario repeats itself or we will have to use these little tricks .

    Note that Google is not alone in raising his eyebrow look at this type Users , Samsung also does the same with su mobile payment service. The Koreans, though, are more restrictive and time It has not found a way to make transactions with superuser

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    News Can I use my Android Pay I rooted Android smartphone? Yes, but not officially was originally published at Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    Can I use my Android Pay rooted Android smartphone? Yes, but not officially
    September 16, 2015

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