‘Catastrophe’ reaches Movistar + October 12


Are you in search of a new comedy that fill your desires more humorous caught? Maybe then you please give him a chance to ‘ Catastrophe sitcom English which opens in the dial Canal + Series Xtra from October 12 to 21: . 00 and Movistar + offer both original subtitled bent

‘Catastrophe’ is perhaps not the most exciting name to define a love story; but that’s how their relationship seem to live Rob and Sharon, two people who start a casual romance who believe that there will more until, a few weeks apart, she discovers that is pregnant .

This series has been one of those pleasant surprises that always gives British television as six pills, yes, we know little. writer Rob Norris and Sharon Horgan have written chapters and are also interpreters of two people in which you can see a caricature of themselves.

Culture shock between Rob (US) and Sharon (Irish) is served in a romantic story that breaks clichés to bet on nonsense and humor with a gender twist that will surprise many. So, now you know, if you are of those that you like FEEL seduced by the producto British 100% irreverent and corrosive , perhaps you may have to ‘Catastrophe’ your new favorite series.

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‘Catastrophe’ reaches Movistar + October 12
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