Changing number in WhatsApp to conserve groups, conversations and subscription

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    Change phone number does not mean we have to create ourselves a new account at WhatsApp and start from scratch losing all our conversations, groups, adjustments or our paid subscription. We can keep all this to change number.

    The popular messaging service allows change number in WhatsApp to lose nothing, migrating all the information our profile WhatsApp the old number to the new number , thus retaining our subscription status, groups, our chat history and settings . Also, when you change WhatsApp disenrolled our last issue from appearing to our contacts


    Steps to change the number in WhatsApp


    Change number in WhatsApp is very simple. The first thing is to put the new SIM in your mobile device, and once done, go to Settings> Account> Change number , and give Next and enter our old number and the new number to migration.

    When you migrate any of our WhatsApp will be changing, continue to see our current talks, our same group, the same settings and the same expiration of service. The only change is that now Payment Information see in new mobile number.

    Once I changed number of WhatsApp and all that if we have to do is inform our contacts of our new number Mobile so that we add on the agenda

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    Changing number in WhatsApp to conserve groups, conversations and subscription
    July 2, 2015

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