Charging the battery to 100% in just 15 minutes with Super VOOC Flash Charge

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    Oppo Sensor

    it looks like a teleshopping ads but actually is one of the great innovations that the Chinese manufacturer OPPO made in the MWC 2016. this rapid charging system Super VOOC Flash charge has caught from behind Qualcomm and its partners, which do not fall below 30 minutes.

    The other proposal is the SmartSensor , a stabilization system for cameras devices change the paradigm by putting the emphasis on the sensor and not on the lens . They promise an accuracy ten times and a large consumption savings will be achieved.

    Super VOOC Flash Charge, yes five minutes worth

    Oppo Charge

    100% charge in just 15 minutes on large devices. Another example with Super VOOC Flash Charge you can reach 45% charge of battery 2.500mAh in just five minutes . Are some figures that begin to worry for autonomy as it would be easy to find several times a day in which recharge and keep pulling.

    It does this using a direct 5V input current constant since a new magazine with a particular cable and battery to own governing dinámicamnete said stream. No conversion to increase efficiency without overheating. entire system is new , its implementation would involve a change in the standards of these three elements, which has cost them one. Of course, it works with both USB and MICR-USB Type-C .

    Super Charge VOOC Flash is still in an early stage of development and have not announced any specific device that will make use of this option in the coming months. But they have promised to be manufactured in high quality materials, which together with its good performance invites us to think that will come at a high cost and only in premium models. If curdles, then quite sure that we start to introduce more models.

    SmartSensor, microimpulses on the sensor

    The other small great revolution of immediate application is its new stabilization technology image from the sensor. To date, smartphones (they have) have included a micromotor that refocuses the lens based on a submitted by a gyroscopic sensor to counteract the vibrations that occur when shooting measurements.

    However, the SmartSensor OPPO acting on the sensor. Calculates and compensates for vibrations not two but three axes by MEMS. This, again according to his calculations, lowers the response time of 50-15 milliseconds. And besides, it reduces 50 times the energy needed.

    The Chinese company claims that his invention will have much more impact imagined because most of the vibrations produced by rolling , what is left uncovered by current technology. So far, only 2.0 smartphones tecnlogĂ­a OIS have introduced this variable, and during this MWC Xiaomi has unveiled its camera with stabilizer four axes also applied to video

    the result, again according to OPPO, the SmartSensor manages to be ten times more accurate than all the technologies based image stabilization in the lens.

    At the moment we can not be more than spectators of these two concepts that until they are applied and therefore remain contrasted there is no way to discern if they are just words or whether they are genuine improvements that we will be able to enjoy in our smartphones and tablets in the coming years.

    More information | OPPO

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    News Charging the battery to 100% in just 15 minutes with Super VOOC Flash Charge was originally published in Engadget Android by Sergio Figueroa .

    Engadget Android

    Charging the battery to 100% in just 15 minutes with Super VOOC Flash Charge
    February 24, 2016

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