Chorma, fun application to distribute tasks among friends or roommates

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    many times we discussed how important it is to know how to organize themselves to carry out the household chores and take care of as what responsibilities, and take advantage of the benefits in terms organization and productivity that we offer as what applications is very timely in these cases.

    An app that can make good use is Chorma , free tool that helps you keep track exhausted on our iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone) pending tasks we perform touch. Chorma facilitates us to coordinate with other users (whether roommates, relatives, friends with whom we share responsibilities, etc.) With a “list” to be synchronized across multiple devices and can go as modifying and completing’ve completed the related activities, in addition to view this synchronization what our colleagues have done or not.

    We keep tasks in different list sorting (by members of the house, to see our own, to see all tasks …). Under the “Activity” will see what has been completed, and by adding a component something playful-competitive to the app, we give points for each task completed.

    You can use iTunes Chorma lowering this link .

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    Chorma, fun application to distribute tasks among friends or roommates
    February 9, 2013

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