‘Cintora, at street’ premieres Monday 14


on Monday night at Four have enjoyed in recent weeks of a espacio tróspido of those crazy casting combines humor with a full assembly. But this is over, and whoever comes to replace it presents a format, very different, who chooses a Thematic political and social of which abound today on the grid.

Cintora, at street ‘ is the new program that Four want to conquer the audience from next Monday 14th, in this case, who cares about today and its impact on everyday life. The dynamics of the space is easy to understand. a topic of general interest arises, such as black money (subject of the first program), after-school duties, the case Noos, the sale of Spanish assets to Chinese investors …

Jesus Cintora, the journalist responsible for keeping the space, try to analyze this theme going directly to society, people suffering from these conflicts or have to live with them. So you move to different points of the Spanish geography to talk to the ordinary citizens, but also experts in the field , journalists, technicians, political representatives, etc.

‘Cintora, at street’ tries to keep the TV reef posed by social and political issues for some time, a fundamental weapon so that, for example, channels as La Sexta have found a powerful niche audiences. Coincidentally (or not), Sixth is the archrival of a channel Cuatro, which has had, in the space of Jordi Évole , a concept that reminds us of this new format. Will it help the new program to share Mediaset?

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‘Cintora, at street’ premieres Monday 14
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