Clean the photos that you receive in WhatsApp with Magic Cleaner

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    Magic Cleaner

    No matter how much storage capacity you have your phone, sooner or later you’ll need more. That is why applications proliferate free up space in the mobile, whether small monsters as Clean Master or other more specific as Gallery Doctor or Slidebox.

    Magic Cleaner is more like the latter, although specializes in WhatsApp . Yes, you remember all those memes, funny pictures and selfies you have received for months in WhatsApp and you never erased? Magic Cleaner analyzes your photos received WhatsApp and categorizes them as if by magic so you can wipe out everything you do not care


    quick and easy cleaning

    Use Magic Cleaner is simple. You open the application and after reading the introductory text information begins to analyze your photos. Here you must be careful because Magic Cleaner send photos to their servers for analysis , which, apart from that you like or not your photos travel to servers someone, it means probably want to enable scanning WiFi only from the options.

    in any case, the analysis is quite fast, in blocks of 500 images each time. Once you have finished, you show the pictures of WhatsApp categorized into groups such as memes, screenshots, drawings and any other category that potentially you might be interested. Then you who decide what groups want to delete .

    In Engadget Android | Cómo clean and organize your photos with Slidebox, dragging like Tinder

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    Clean the photos that you receive in WhatsApp with Magic Cleaner
    May 4, 2016

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