Collection of ‘Crazy academy of police’, complete series of ‘Community’ and the figure of Saul Goodman in our Hunting Bargains

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    on Sundays in Espinof are synonymous with our appointment with the review of the best deals on the world of film and television of the week. The menu for this week includes, among others, the complete collection on blu-ray ‘Crazy academy of police’, ‘Group 7’ in blu-ray, the complete series of ‘Community’ on dvd, the tenth season of ‘the X files’ in blu-ray, dolls surprise Harry Potter and a figure of Saul Goodman. Let’s go there!


    • Collection of ‘Crazy police academy’ on blu-ray: I am one who believes that the best by far was the first, and that was also not a great comedy, but for this price even I, myself, am thinking of getting on with the pack: 10,99 eur

    • ‘Group 7’ to blu-ray: I thought that these prices have on blu-ray are not going to see or even in the balances of poor quality, but it is above we are in front of a good movie: 1,99 €

    • Collection Alfred Hitchcock on blu-ray: will already be in the collection of many, but some may not have this pack with 14 films by the brilliant british director and this is a good time to stop being like this: 29,65 euros

    • ‘Setback’ on blu-ray: a remarkable box-office success who also triumphed outside of our country. I don’t I was nothing satisfied with it, but this offer sure is of interest to those who think otherwise: 9,99 eur

    • ‘Fantasia’ on blu-ray: one of the classic Disney’s most iconic and, without doubt, a unique title that deserves to be part of the collection of all lovers of the seventh art: 9,95 eur



    • Figure of Saul Goodman: a good piece for fans of the character played by Bob Odenkirk so much in ‘Breaking Bad’ as in ‘Better Call Saul’: 17,09 eur

    • Mystery Minis Harry Potter: the universe created by JK Rowling is so popular that they have launched a second version of these boxes surprise. The downside is the same as always: you can’t choose what you are going to play: eur 6.97 eur

    • Funko Pop Gift Cat: a nice figure ideal for those who love this line of dolls and the legendary animated series of Hanna Barbera: 10,35 euros (shipping included)

    • Figure of Bane from the animated series of Batman: a great addition to the collection of fans of the animated series the dark knight of the 90s: 19,39 eur

    • Wallet ‘Gravity Falls’: I will never tire of recommending this series, and I am convinced that many of those who have seen it will be tempted by this offer, as there are several models to choose from: 4,14 euros

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    The news Collection ‘Crazy academy of police’, complete series of ‘Community’ and the figure of Saul Goodman in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Collection of ‘Crazy academy of police’, complete series of ‘Community’ and the figure of Saul Goodman in our Hunting Bargains
    December 11, 2017

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