Collection Rocky, the complete series of ‘Framework’ and Funko Pop Jack Skellington in our Hunting Bargains

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    This Sunday is marked by the final round of the World cup in which Spain faces Russia, but that is no excuse for that in Espinof faltemos our traditional appointment with the best deals in the world of film and tv this week.

    This new edition of our Hunting for Bargains includes, among others, the collection Rocky in blu-ray, the complete series of ‘Frame’ and ‘around The world of Willy Fog’, the Funko Pop Jack Skellington, and a careful replica of ET, the extra-terrestrial. Let’s go there!


    • Collection Rocky blu-ray: the first six installments of the saga created by, and starring Sylvester Stallone: 20,54 eur

    • Collection of horror films on blu-ray: pack of Universal that includes up to five recent movies of terror as ‘The Purge’ , ‘Ouija’ or ‘Mom’ in high-definition, all of them with audio and dubbing Spanish in spite of being an Italian edition: 9,80 €

    • ‘Million’ on dvd: a great movie, probably the best Danny Boyle, now you can get spin price: 3,12 euros

    • ‘Barcelona, winter night’ on blu-ray: the exclusive edition of Fnac in high definition at a price of laughter: 4 €

    • ‘Big Fish’ on blu-ray with Moleskine: probably the last great film from Tim Burton. Many already have in their collection, but those who still have pending is a good opportunity to: 9,90 eur


    • ‘Framework’, series complete on dvd: the celebrated series children that formed a fundamental part in the childhood of many children since adults in the present: 18,99 euros

    • ‘The spectacular Spider-Man,’ the first season on blu-ray: this is not the mythic animated series trepamuros of the 90’s, but the version issued between 2008 and 2009, but at this price, perhaps, of interest to more than one: 10,85 €

    • ‘Friends’, complete series on blu-ray: I will never tire of include it whenever I see it at a good price and it has not appeared here lately. The best comedy television of the story deserves it, especially with this piece of editing in high definition: 61,49 eur

    • ‘Alcatraz’, the complete series on blu-ray: I was going for bombing and failed to pass the first season, what failure are deserved or title to claim?: 18,29 euros

    • ’round The world of Willy Fog’, series complete on dvd: if you don’t convince ‘Framework’, you always have this other endearing, and traveler series: 17 euro


    • Funko Pop Jack Skellington: one of the characteristic bobble head dolls from Funko, this time dedicated to the protagonist of the great ‘Nightmare before Christmas’: 10,90 eur

    • Mystery Mini’s ‘Rick and Morty’: Funko has already released the series 2 of this enjoyable animated series, so it is likely that the first descatalogue in brief. For now you can get even at a good price: 6,60 euros

    • Living Dead Doll of the Pinhead: a curious doll with a design based on the leader of the cebonitas of the series ‘Hellraiaser’: 57,99 euros

    • Big head with the voice of Ted: the deslenguado teddy bear created by Seth MacFarlane in a figure bighead with sound: 9,29 euros

    • Replica ET, the extra-terrestrial: a figure very neat, as usual for NECA, dedicated to the beloved alien from the popular film directed by Steven Spielberg: 45,99 €

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    If after all this our section of Friday, are you still short, you can be the day and in every moment informed of the major deals in the hunt for bargains Xataka, Xataka Móvil, Xataka Android, Extra Life and Applesfera, as well as with our co Compradicción. You can see all of the bargains that published in Twitter and Facebook, and even subscribe to your reminders via Telegram.

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    The news Collection Rocky, complete series of ‘Framework’ and Funko Pop Jack Skellington in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Collection Rocky, the complete series of ‘Framework’ and Funko Pop Jack Skellington in our Hunting Bargains
    July 1, 2018

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