Compare the graphical quality of Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One and Xbox One X

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    The video game of Square Enix improvement visually.

    Square Enix has distributed the patch that updates Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One X, offering a higher quality image, the higher the resolution and level of detail in the new console that puts on sale tomorrow. While we already knew that would become the 4K resolution now, thanks to the ElAnalistaDeBitswho has shown us what it looks like Halo 5, know how will look the game of Tabata after the update.

    Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One X

    The improvements are apparent. When it launched, the Xbox One had less resolution in his edition of Final Fantasy XV, lastrándola in comparison to the PlayStation version 4, more crisp. Now after the update, the title of Square Enix looks much better in Xbox One X, with an image more consistent and clear. But beyond the 4K resolution, the game features other improvements.

    The game features more resolution, better textures, or distance of drawn

    One of them is the quality of the textures, more defined and clear, or the distance drawn, which is considerably higher. We can observe how the horizon is more consistent and realistic, giving greater sense of distance and space on the more powerful hardware of Microsoft. Also have increased the on-screen elements with more vegetation and detail.

    Comparing the results of FF XV on PS4 Pro and One X

    The same user has also wanted to compare the two versions most cutting-edge of both consoles. Although the differences in resolution may be straight –Xbox One X has a version with higher definition or consistent to the PS4 Pro-, the improvements seem to be more or less identical between the two editions enhanced for the game, showing a good work of adaptation by Square Enix in both systems in terms of their technical qualities.

    Compare the graphical quality of Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One and Xbox One X

    Compare the graphical quality of Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One and Xbox One X
    November 6, 2017

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