Confirmed: Fortnite for Android will not be on Google Play by ‘economic efficiency’

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    If the last year, the revolution in the world of video games brought Pokémon GO, the this 2018 is without a doubt Fortnite. A game that has been awakened in such a fever of masses that not only is forcing some console manufacturers to consider their strategies of play cross, but who has transcended the world ‘gamer’ to get to the news traditional.

    One of the most anticipated events of Fortnite is the one that has to do with his arrival in Android, and with the rumor that talked of which your developer would leave out Google Play to go to another repository, and it has already been revealed. In fact, Epic Games will not distribute Fortnite for Android through the Google store by ‘economic efficiency’.

    The benefits, all for Epic

    Epic Games has announced today that their most popular game at the moment, Fortnite, come to Android but to a site other than the now usual for the rest of games and applications. Google Play does not carry the title to that Epic can save the 30% commission that would be paid for each purchase, confirming the past rumors.

    Fortnite for Android will be distributed through the website of Epic Games

    On the basis of the popularity of the game and to downloads on other platforms, it had been estimated that Epic Games it would save around 40 billion dollars a month staying out of the Google Play Store. This would be the figure to pay for the 30% of the approximately 133 million a month, their earnings average each month since the title was released on digital platforms.

    instead of Google Play, Epic Games will come to its own web site to host an installer for the game, which users will be able to download on your mobile phone for, from there, to complete the installation of the game. Always, remember, that the mobile phone from which you download is compatible, as not all are.

    For the moment there is no specific date for the release of Fortnite for Android, but it has already been speculation that situates the leaders of Epic Games on the stage of Samsung, during the presentation of its future Galaxy Note 9. While there is no more official information, we will continue to expect that this arrival occurs. But remember, the guys from Epic ‘bypass’ to the Google Play to get your mobile phone.

    Via | The Verge
    Xataka Android | Fortnite for Android would come in exclusive for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for your first month

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    Confirmed: Fortnite for Android will not be on Google Play by ‘economic efficiency’
    August 3, 2018

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