Connecting smartphones with almost any device with Baboon

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    baboon It’s funny how over time our smartphones have gained more and more functions that would seem unthinkable to us for some time. And it is clear that our Android not only serve to call, and this is clearly demonstrated. But there are still some “barriers” to overcome, to perform virtually any task with our devices.

    There are tasks for which there are still some drawbacks, and quite important is the can control any device with our smartphone. Something that is not easy, as we have many fronts in this regard. From devices that are older than our phone, different platforms, systems, ways of working. Anyway, it’s a little messy, but there are always ideas to alleviate these problems, and there is a pretty interesting call Baboon.


    Baboon is a device using the USB port can allow us to manage our phone remotely with almost any digital device (that has a USB, of course). As explained on page project further configuration is not necessary to click the USB and run on the phone Babuino software. Something relatively simple, we can solve more than one ballot when we have multiple interacting devices and want the convenience of your smartphone as a controller.

    Baboon comes in two versions, one that is no more USB stick, with which we can connect to and manage devices, and another version that is a plate with connectors, with doors that open to developers, since it allows you to work with more devices. Given that works with Arduino, it is interesting for those who already know the platform and be attracted to the development in this type of functions.

    A very interesting project seeking funding on the Indiegogo website , and in which for just under 30 euros you can get one of these sticks. The compatibility so extensive that it has, the possible functions that can be implemented because its code is completely open source and low price are interesting enough to think about it do not you think?

    More info on Indiegogo

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    Connecting smartphones with almost any device with Baboon
    July 7, 2013

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