Cool Launcher, quick access to your most used applications

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     Cool Launcher 2 Of all the applications we have installed we always accessing a small number of these . Generally to facilitate that usually add to our main desktop or, failing that, create a folder for them all by hand. Even sometimes we can have the same application in two different folders (in my case sometimes repeat apps such as Hangouts, that I have in the folder Google and Social).

    The “problem” of this is that to access a home should be in, forcing us to close what we are doing to go to another application, still being as fast as pressing 1 button, if we can help, the better, right?

    Cool Launcher, your apps in one click

     Cool Launcher1 Cool Launcher can create a small application launcher” floating “we’ll always accessible , but have another app open. Its operation is quite simple: select the size you want to add our favorite applications ranging from 3 × 1-4 × 4, and we select those that interest us.

    Then we can choose how they want to access them, and we have 3 options: from the left side, right side or from the notification bar . The first 2 we create a small button on the selected part that can strike at any time, which does not give you access to previously selected applications. The third option lets us access the same sliding the notification bar and clicking on the notification itself Launcher Cool.

    As you can see, quite simple yet practical. Although it is nothing new, is another alternative to consider. Here’s a sample video.
    Watch the video
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    Cool Launcher, quick access to your most used applications
    June 23, 2013

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