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    We go back a week later with the “Create Your Own Android” and what we will do is learn radically change our tiny mobile to give the best look possible. Try that every delivery is quite different from the previous style, to cover the maximum number of styles.



    topic today is not a complicated issue, but very laborious. What I recommend is that you look carefully at the video below that explains everything in detail. Although it is in English, you can see the steps you do with the pen and understood everything better.

    Launcher ( 2:02 )

    In the demonstration video using the ssLauncher but really you can use any launcher. To start, remove all widgets. Then go to Settings -> Theme -> Labels -> Hide Labels to remove the icon text. And that’s it. You can hide the top bar if desired, but it is something very important. Next add the wallpaper (2 variants), one with and one without black dock.

    Widgets ( 3:09 )


    We created a widget UCCW 4 × 3 and open the LCD uzip requirements. We will automatically as the clock so cool. Then on another page add the following widgets:

    We add a widget

    • Elixir 3 × 1. As we add the widget background image called elixir-background.jpg. We increased the size of the widgets too. To customize the icons, use the backup in the archive. The SD had to Android -> data -> -> widget-backup.


    ( 6:16 )


    And you’re almost. Now just have to be changing each of the icons / shortcuts. To create an icon, do the following. We add new shortcut -> and click import the two files of contacts that are in the requirements. Once imported, the shortcut add an icon, change the title, change the font size to 11. Text colors are R48 G50 B37. Then repeat the process with all the icons. I said, a long process but worth it.

    In Nova / Apex is much simpler and clicking the shortcut may directly change the icon.

    That’s it . For the next week, another issue. Of course, you can propose issues or send a or twitter your creations accompanied by a tutorial.

    I remind you that you can see all the designs we have discussed here

    The Free Android: Create your own Android

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    Create your Android: LCD
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    July 5, 2013

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