Cyanogenmod and Sony collaborate together to make better ROMs, an example to follow

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    Cyanogenmod Cyanogen and Sony collaborate together to make better ROMs , an example to follow

    This year may be very important to Sony because of the change that is taking concerning the support it is providing equipment like CyanogenMod and how their collaboration is providing providing updates almost monthly and making an appearance in the AOSP project for several of its terminals.

    What a Xperia users can have the same features such as HDR mode or ISO modes thanks to the collaboration between Sony and Cyanogendmod is to applaud, and that other companies should take note.

    result of this collaboration can be found in the characteristics that you are taking the version of Cyanogenmod for any terminal Xperia U, V , Z, ZL, Z Tab LTE and WiFi, including: HDR (photos only), ISO modes, scene modes and image stabilization / Video Sony in the camera application, is simply amazing. And not only stay in the camera, but appear more.

    It is known that many users use other ROMs on their handsets, a distinction that seeks Android and allows to use your smartphone or tablet with a Custom Layer by highly qualified and experienced teams like CyanogenMod, extending the life of the device or offering new features. The problem is usually found on these ROMs are like most have no official support from companies is that several of the original firmware features do not work.

    Let the case of HDR or ISO modes , that were it not for the close collaboration , a good insurance could not be used otherwise in the Cyanogenmod ROM. Another case is the locked bootloader, which is due in part by the operators, even so, Sony gives the possibility that if you send the terminal, they will tell unlocked, enabling the installation of more ROMs, kernels etc..

    Great news for all owners of a Sony Xperia and as I said at the beginning of the article, more manufacturers should take note. A fully functional CyanogenMod Xperia with all its features, make it a terminal with a very interesting plus the purchase of anyone who is undecided between one or other smartphones.

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    Cyanogenmod and Sony collaborate together to make better ROMs, an example to follow
    June 24, 2013

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