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    More and more varied uses we give to cloud storage, and in this scenario CyberStockroom allows business owners and small businesses manage their inventory online.

    Although it is difficult to detach the classic form of book inventory and done with paper and pencil, CyberStockroom provides a very efficient solution free and also in case that perform the inventory is small. If we want to add a considerable amount of stock is a paid service, and as we add more products cost us a higher monthly amount.

    introduced The stock may be managed online and from a very simple interface as it has been designed for users who may not be very accustomed to using online applications. We’ll just create an account and introduce products CyberStockroom assigning its code, and can add information such as manufacturer, supplier and stock available. As an extra feature, we can visualize data with graphics of our sales and buyer trends.

    Link: CyberStockroom | Via: Bitelia

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    CyberStockroom, your inventory in cloud
    January 9, 2013

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