‘Dark Matter’ is correct to complicate things in his second season


One of the advantages of ‘Dark Matter‘, ‘ space opera summer of Syfy, is that in many occasions takes a way that is not exactly the one that we could expect to. The crew of the ship Race, fleeing a past that, at the same time, he has you trapped, that escape leads them to end up facing the people who were before them, erased their memories, and the enemies that did so.

things have been quite complicated in these 13 episodes, but has been a complication to be beneficial for the series. We have seen in action the brutal efficiency that still retain the characters, the pull irresistible that you have to one of them in his past and the temptation of another by “evolve”, and the season has left us with a cliffhanger that points to an interesting leap forward of ‘Dark Matter’ for its third season.

WARNING SPOILERS: from here there will be spoilers for the end of the second season of ‘Dark matter’. Read at your own risk.

The betrayal of Four

From the beginning of the season, the crew members of the Race have seen the face of doubt regain their personalities or past to remain who you are now. And, by the way, when in doubt of what to do with Five, which came up as a stowaway on the ship, and Six, which were in fact an undercover agent of the Authority Galactic. The way in which the series sells out quickly to One already told us that there was going to be a few concessions in the new chapters, and also that the experiences until now weigh more for Two and the rest.


On several occasions given the chance to be re-Portia Lin, Marcus Boone, and Ryo Ishida, but the first two, and especially Two, never accept them. Ryo, however, does, moved, by a sense of duty towards his people, at the beginning, it became one of the characters less interesting of the series. But your purpose of doing whatever is needed to rise again to the throne of Zairon and win the war just by giving ‘Dark Matter’ a sense of unpredictability that has come to you very well.

The characters of ‘Dark Matter’ have continued to struggle with the idea that they can go back to being who they were

Ryo is relentless and stubborn. If you have decided that has to cause another war to win yours, it will do so without thinking twice, and will be ahead of anyone that crosses his path. Your belief that this is her fate it is that made him fall to the dark side. His former co-crew choose to remain united and try to improve the situation you are in. Ryo goes only on your new path. We’ll see how it develops all of this in the next season.

Because what your plot has brought to the front this tension between the different corporations, until now, has been the background on ‘Dark Matter’. The Race was more of a pawn that they used as it suited them, or who tried to suppress because I knew too much, and the explosion of the orbital outpost, where I was held by your council you can convert that plot into the main series.

the revelation of The Android


In the midst of all this, the new look to the men who “built” to Two and the emergence of a sinister group of visionaries, the season has left a small revelation in the evolution that has taken the Android. In the first installment we had some small hints that it was not like the other androids, that there was something special about her. Starts to develop feelings and concerns of human, which create insecurities about their role on the ship and on whether you fit into the crew.

These attempts to be part of the group, the discovery that there are other androids humanized illegally as it, your rationalization of emotions that defy any logical analysis, have given the season a small parenthesis very interesting. It’s the old discussion of what makes us human, but the portrait of the Android is so empathetic, that your journey toward becoming a full-fledged member of the Race has been the most entertaining to view.

in Addition, he has contributed to many of the notes of levity in a ‘Dark Matter’ a bit more serious than usual (she and Truffault of Mikkei Combine, which interprets a Torri Higginson enjoys himself greatly with the paper). And that search for the Android by going to develop your personality, and its identity is, in addition, the clearer representation of the same dilemma that you go through all the characters in the series.

‘Dark Matter’ takes a step forward


The second season of ‘Dark Matter’ has taken the opportunity to dig a little deeper into how they were its protagonists prior to that erased from their memories with the start of the series. And, above all, to teach us how the people who are now better prepared to survive what is coming up, if you manage to get out alive from the explosion of the station, Eos 7, of course. Before, they were ruthless, amoral and terrifying, but they were also very individualistic and prone to betraying herself right away. Now, form a team because, in reality, have no one else to trust.

The awakening of Two towards an ethics and a sense of what is right and what is wrong has located in the middle of a very dangerous situation, but it has helped to ‘Dark Matter’ to deliver a second season more interesting. The evolution of Android and the betrayal of Ryo/Four of their former teammates have allowed the series to improve what showed up in the season’s initial, and although not all his bets have worked just as well (Devon, the new Breed, it was a bit boring), yes it has established itself as a series a summer of science fiction that estimable.

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‘Dark Matter’ is correct to complicate things in his second season
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