David Bowie was saying goodbye to us with their new album (and his last video)

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    David Bowie was saying goodbye to his new album (and his last movie)

    His own requiem is called Blackstar .

    Up to say goodbye was an artist. David Bowie knew that his time was coming and from the beginning said that Blackstar , his latest album, autorregalo would be his birthday. It published last Friday, January 8, the day that met 69, was not just a personal whim: it was his own way of saying goodbye to all of us

    The truth is that, listening to the songs. Blackstar , one found a thread and a common spirit; the nostalgia, life and death. And now, when it’s gone, when we begin to realize. The clearest clue came with the disturbing video “Lazarus” , released a day before his birthday:

    Besides the issue has quite revealing letter, with lines like “I’ve got scars That Can not Be Seen” “Everybody knows me now,” “I’ve got nothing left to lose” or “I was living like a king,” the clip, directed by Johan Renck, who also handled the above, “Blackstar “, shows a duality between Bowie in bed in a hospital and writing what appears to be his will / legacy.

    Given wearing 18 months battling the cancer that eventually led, video takes on a much more autobiographical sense , more raw. Surely David spent much time in a hospital room like the one shown in “Lazarus”, reflecting on his life, and most likely the spot decided to say goodbye this way.

    But within own album there’s much more: Requiem sounding melodies, winking at the stars that both assumed in its path linked to science fiction, a cryptic lyrics that expose feelings that we now understand better … He knew he was dying and had scheduled everything to go with a final blow.

    His farewell to his good friend Brian Eno

    Brian Eno and David Bowie | Getty

    Brian Eno and David Bowie | Getty

    Brian Eno Bowie worked hard together, especially in the so-called Berlin trilogy ( Low , Heroes and Lodger ) and their friendship was forged over the years. Speaking to BBC href=”http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-35279642″> , this was the farewell of David Brian:

    In recent years, with him living in New York and in London-our connection was by email. We signed with invented names: one of their own were Mr Showbiz, Milton Keynes, Rhoda Borrocks or Ear Duque.

    I got an email from him seven days ago. It was fun, as always, and surreal, tangling with puns and allusions and everything he usually did. He ended with these words: “Thank you for our good times, Brian never leave..” He signed with “Dawn”. Now I realize that I was saying goodbye.

    Eno ends up confessing that in recent months even talked about working together again . “We talked about outside , the last album in which we work. We both liked it and were thinking somehow rescue him.”

    Among other things, Bowie was also negociando appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    That no doubt. The last goodbye to David Bowie’s called Blackstar , the last musical flick of an artist without equal and influential in popular culture of the last century.

    Thanks for everything, Ziggy.


    David Bowie was saying goodbye to us with their new album (and his last video)
    Source: www.hipertextual.com  
    January 12, 2016

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