Days Gone get a patch 21,42 GB

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    The title post-apocalyptic welcomes the update to 1.03; corrects technical problems and other errors related to the localization.

    The title of action and adventure Days Gone by is a few days of its launch, and has received a patch of pretty heavy: update to 1.03 that has a weight of 21,42 GB.

    Although it apparently has a size of 17.2 GB, the other users of Reddit have reported that the weight of your download is 21,42 GB. On the other hand, the players have indicated that this update solve technical problems and other errors related to the location of the game. However, they have not been cracked yet patch notes.

    The size of Days Gone by

    These 21,42 GB is added to the weight of the game and are representative of the many arrangements that need the title. Recently you are Days Gone by would require 67 GB of space on the hard disk of our PlayStation 4. In other words, we will have to do quite site in our console to enjoy the title of Bend Studio.

    21,42 GB would be added to the weight of the game, 67 GB

    remember that Days Gone by will be published next 26 April exclusively for PS4. You can find more information of the game in our final prints.

    Days Gone receives a patch 21,42 GB

    Days Gone get a patch 21,42 GB
    April 22, 2019

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