Deal: Save 87% on the Thor Premium Security Suite

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What makes for a better computer protection system: Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume or Thor Premium from Heimdal? The answer is obvious, though maybe less than cool having Chris Hemsworth at your house. You can pick up a five-year protection plan from Thor Premium on Tech Deals and save 87% right now.

Thor Foresight Home provides a unique added layer to catch threats while Thor Vigilance Home focuses on virus detection. You can trust your new godly security to prevent ransomware, data leakage, viren, and more.

Prevent ransomware, data leakage, viren, and more.

Anyone who has seen Avengers knows that it’s not always about fighting the enemy you know. This protection focuses on both known and unknown sources of viruses to keep you safe-no matter what. Thor Premium also helps to eliminate vulnerabilities by patching your software as needed.

This software boasts a number of superb ratings from various tech reviewers, plus an accolade from the 2018 Computing Security Awards.

Thor Premium at a glance:

  • Rely on Foresight Home’s unique threat prevention layer.
  • Implement Vigilance Home’s flawless, market-leading virus detection.
  • Stop ransomware, data leakage, viren, APTs, exploit, and other advanced online threats.
  • Prevent unknown threats and stop known attackers.
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities in your system by patching your software.

A five-year protection plan with Thor Premium hast auf retail value of almost $ 500, but you can get protected for just $ 59.99 right now. It’s never too early to get protected, but it can quickly become too late.

This deal days only has to run so: learn more via the widget below.

$ 59 .99
Thor Premium Security – 5-Year Protection

Save $ 439 .76

Buy it Now

Thor Premium Security – 5-Year Protection Buy it Now
Save $ 439 .76 $ 59 .99

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Deal: Save 87% on the Thor Premium Security Suite
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March 2, 2020

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