‘Dead Island: Survivors’ available in Google Play: a mix of zombies, tower defense, and RPG

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    There is a new game of zombies on the scene, and you can download it already. His name is Dead Island: Survivors, and really is not very new since it was officially launched in iOS 2 years ago, but now you can install and enjoy on your Android devices.

    fans of Dead Island will not have it easy, because Dead Island 2 is in limbo since 2012, but in the meantime you will find a small snack in Dead Island: Survivors. the Is basically a Tower Defense game, although they incorporate elements of action-RPG.

    Protects the survivors by putting traps


    Dead Island: Survivors blend of several genres, although the predominant one is clearly Tower Defense. When attacking your base, the zombies will follow a number of roads pre-marked passages (sometimes one, sometimes several). Before each assault, you have the possibility to include traps and turrets on the way.

    you Have a good arsenal of turrets and various crusher machines of zombies at your fingertips, although you will need to ganártelas, desbloqueándolas after getting them in a “suitcase” as a reward when completing a level (or pre-payment). You also have to take into account the resources that cost you each type of fortification.


    The zombies will follow the path marked in its attempt to get to the survivors. Your goal is to prevent that from happening and to survive yourself in the attempt. As usual in the games Tower Defense, you must survive several waves, which are intensifying as you progress in the game.

    much of the action happens on the same stage so that you do not need to re-build the defenses from scratch each time, but to adapt them in case the zombies change their path, or new types of zombies are approaching.

    you can Also give get to duke it out


    While other defense games turrets are almost matter of mathematics, in Dead Island: Survivors you can remangar and messing around to crush zombies if the turrets and defenses are not enough to stop their advance.

    This provides you with flexibility and more possibilities to interact in the action in the games Tower Defense classic, where almost the only thing you can do is watch and pray that was enough. The scenario includes interactive elements that you can use to your advantage to get rid of some zombies if you use them at the right time.

    Elements of RPG, do not miss


    could Not miss the RPG elements, and you can boost and level-up basically anything from the defenses up to yourself, always and when you have the necessary resources, that as you progress in the game will be increasingly difficult to meet.

    Dead Island: Survivors is a free game, and as such tries to win the bread by using micro to purchase special items. I have to say that within what it should be don’t insist too much that passes by the box with the exception of some banner occasionally on some special offer that is currently active.


    So yes, there are plenty of “loot boxes”, which here take the form of bags. A bag contains an unknown number of elements in its interior, theoretically random. Can be resources, turrets, heroes, and anything else in between, but at the end of the time you’ll end up accumulating the most common elements and desesperándote not to get good equipment. We will, as any other loot box of any other game.

    Get suitcases to the complete a level, and you get a bag free day, but if you fall short you’ll have to spend gems to get them. The suitcase cheaper costs 95 gems, and the more expensive 700 gems. Taking into account that 500 gems cost 4,99 euros, we are talking about a cost ranging from 0,94€ 6,98€ per bag.

    Complete levels to save them all


    Dead Island: Survivors is a game for the mobile and as such it repeats a formula tried and tested for years by thousands of games: the map will unlock level to level. In this case, the various maps are islands, which you unlock after freeing a certain number of survivors.

    As usual, will not cost you much to unlock the first island (probably less than half an hour), while the following destinations will make you work much more. For example: the first island you just need to release them to three people, while the second ups the ante to seven.

    A good game machacazombies


    In general, though it has taken so long to get to Android that we had almost forgotten their existence, Dead Island: Survivors is a game that will keep you entertained for a while. The graphics are pretty good, the controls are intuitive and the continued progress with better weapons and heroes should make sure a few hours of play.

    The good thing is that it is less monotonous and interactive than a Tower Defense game pure, while is less stressful than a game of action pure in the need to kill the enemies with your own hands. By the way, the total download is approximately 1 GB, so better to do it when you have Wifi.

    Dead Island: Survivors

    Dead Island: Survivors1

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    ‘Dead Island: Survivors’ available in Google Play: a mix of zombies, tower defense, and RPG
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